(Juan Rodriguez - PMI/LEPA)

Norwegian Air CEO Wants To Offer $69 Tickets To Europe By Flying Out Of Cheaper Airports

Though it sounds so easy, hopping over the pond can be quite an expensive jump for many travelers. Norwegian Air Shuttle’s CEO thinks he can make it a lot cheaper to fly between the U.S. and Europe — as low as $69 per one-way ticket — by flying out of regional airports that charge lower fees than busier, bigger airports. [More]


We Are Shocked, Simply Shocked That Summer Airfares Have Dropped In Price This Year

Usually the prospect of booking flights in the summer months means one thing: trying to finagle a not extremely expensive flight but ultimately giving up and just paying whatever high price you have to, because you need to get to the beach/wedding/vacation destination. But because so many fellow travelers booked early this year or decided to go abroad, domestic summer travel fares are actually down right now. Yep, down. [More]