Airbus Asks Airlines To Please Stop It With The Super-Narrow Seats

Airbus Asks Airlines To Please Stop It With The Super-Narrow Seats

Shaving just a few inches off an airplane seat’s dimensions can make room for additional seats on the aircraft, but what do narrower seats do to passengers’ ability to relax during longer flights? The folks at French jet-maker Airbus say wider seats can result in more well-rested passengers. [More]

Can you just feel the "bold" multi-tonal leather and "distinctive" double-stitching?

United Airlines Hoping Thinner Seats Will Pack Even More Passengers Onto Planes

For the last few years, many of the larger airlines were tearing out rows of boring old coach seats and replacing them with slightly more expensive, slightly roomier seats. But these apparently never caught on with passengers on a number of United’s regional routes, as the airline now plans to reduce the number of Economy Plus seats on hundreds of planes and cram in even more coach seats with the aid of skinnier seats. [More]