Is Obnoxious Advertising A ‘Firsthand Customer Experience’ You Can Yelp About?

A construction company coated Bryan’s neighborhood with leaflets, and he wasn’t happy about it. He tried to complain right to the company, and only got an answering service. So what’s a dissatisfied consumer to do? He turned to Yelp. Yelp, in turn, took down his review because it violates the site’s Content Guidelines for reviews, as it “doesn’t describe a firsthand customer experience.” Since when is having your neighborhood coated with flyers not a firsthand experience? [More]

Comcast Wants You Back, Leaves Comcastic Love Notes

Comcast Wants You Back, Leaves Comcastic Love Notes

Kevin abandoned Comcast and switched to FiOS. Since then, his jilted cable/Internet company has made it quite clear how badly they want him back. They can’t believe it when they hear that he won’t see them. Denial is tough to watch.

Circuit City Is A Douche

Sheridan’s girlfriend hoped to buy him Simpson Season 8 for $19.99 from Circuit City, based off this week’s flyer. She ordered online, only to find herself charged $39.99.

OvernightPrints Staffed by Cads

OvernightPrints Staffed by Cads

When you name your flyer and business card print shop “Overnightprints” there’s a certain standard that you need to live up to. Namely, that you ship overnight, a limbo bar that Overnightprints.com just can’t help hitting with its three-boobed chest.