Cable Company Cashes Customers’ Checks, Then Does It Again & Again & One More Time For Good Luck

Because consumers love nothing more than having their cable operator drain their bank accounts dry, the folks at Bright House Networks apparently decided to just keep cashing thousands of customers’ checks over and over again. [More]

Tomorrow Someone In Florida Will Lose The Chance To Collect $16M In Lottery Winnings

Tomorrow Someone In Florida Will Lose The Chance To Collect $16M In Lottery Winnings

If you live in Florida you might want to start checking under the car seats, between the couch cushions and in the pocket of those pants you haven’t worn in awhile — there’s a $16 million Powerball jackpot sitting around just waiting for someone to claim it. But time is running out. [More]

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Apply For A Job Or Shoplift A Sex Toy, But Not Both During Same Shopping Trip

It’s good to multi-task and combine errands in one trip, saving time and fuel. It isn’t such a good idea to get drunk, then visit a sex shop in order to steal an “adult toy,” then apply for a job at the same shop. [More]


Fire At Yuengling Brewery Does $1 Million In Damage, Beers Unharmed

Here’s some news out of Florida that could have been much more horrible: a storage building at a Yuengling brewery near Tampa caught fire over the weekend. While the facility sustained about $1 million in damage, the company reports that their brewing operations won’t be affected. Repeat: there will be no mass beer shortages. [More]

Walmart Doesn’t Seem To Fully Understand Its New BOGO Policy In Florida

Walmart Doesn’t Seem To Fully Understand Its New BOGO Policy In Florida

Recently, Walmart decided to wage war against Publix and other supermarkets in Florida by deciding to honor buy-one-get-one free deals from competing stores in the state, even if the Walmart base price for the product is already cheaper. Problem is, not everyone at the nation’s largest retailer is aware of this latest development. [More]


Burger King Asst. Manager Takes Home Bag O’ Cash To “Teach Co-Worker A Lesson”

In Volusia County, Florida, one man’s alleged attempt at teaching a co-worker a valuable life lesson is another man’s alleged act of grand theft. [More]


Comcast Service Center Gets Same Shoddy Installation Work That Customers Receive

Over the years we’ve heard too-numerous stories from Comcast customers about shoddy work performed by installation techs, though we had always assumed that these techs would dare not do such a slapdash job inside a Comcast office. We were apparently mistaken. [More]

Man Steals Puppies By Shoving Them Down His Pants

Man Steals Puppies By Shoving Them Down His Pants

Puppies are small, cuddly, and pricey, so why not stuff some down your pants and shoplift them? That was the logic of a man in Florida, who stuffed a dachsund puppy and a pug puppy down his pants on two separate trips to an Orlando pet store. [More]


You’re (Technically) Breaking The Law If You’re Reading This In Florida

Are you in Florida? Are you reading these words? You are in trouble! Well, probably not, but technically you are breaking the law if you’re on the Internet on any device, claims one lawsuit. Lawmakers in that state recently voted to ban all Internet cafes in the wake of an Internet gambling front scandal, and accidentally worded the ban in a way that appears to outlaw all the devices used to access the Internet. [More]

Papa John’s CEO Apologizes For Driver’s Impromptu Racist Opera Singing

Papa John’s CEO Apologizes For Driver’s Impromptu Racist Opera Singing

Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter has had to step up and publicly apologize after a delivery driver in Florida was caught dropping the N-word numerous times on a customer’s voicemail, even going so far as to work the slur into some opera singing. [More]

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Before House Fire Flames Are Out, Contractors And Adjusters Drum Up Business

When a house catches fire, there can be more than one type of first responder. There are the life-saving fire department and emergency medical services…and then there are the businesspeople selling repair and cleanup services, who sometimes arrive at the scene at the same time as the official first responders. Instead of hoses, axes, and ladders, these crews carry clipboards, contracts, and business cards. [More]


Woman Wins $5,000 Diamond Prize, Finds Out After Accidentally Swallowing It

A fundraiser event in Tampa was sort of a boozy raffle. Guests could pay $20 for a flute of champagne with a clear gemstone at the bottom. Everyone got to drink champagne, and one lucky guest won a diamond worth $5,000. The 80-year-old winner didn’t have to worry about finding a safe place to store the stone on her way home, because she had accidentally swallowed it. [More]


Are Wall Street Investors Pumping Up The Next Housing Bubble?

Areas like Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Miami — all hit pretty hard by the collapse of the last housing bubble — are now seeing home prices rise at rates above the national average. But rather than this being an indicator that these areas are finally recovering, some worry that it’s just a lot of hot air being pumped into another bubble by Wall Street investors. [More]


Comfort Food Crime Wave Continues: Man Steals Truckload Of Soup

First, the comfort food crime cartels came for the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve, stealing more than 10,000 barrels and selling it on the amber market. Next was the Nutella theft: someone lifted more than $20,000 worth of choco-hazelnut spread from a truck in Germany. This week, we learned about a crime against one of the most comforting comfort foods, soup. Over the weekend, two men in Florida drove off with a tractor-trailer that contained $75,000 worth. [More]


Law Would Make Bongs, Other Devices, Illegal In Florida

In some states, there is a wink-wink acknowledgement between law enforcement and stores that sell bongs and other devices that could (and sometimes are) used to smoke tobacco and other legal products, but which are primarily used for smoking pot. A bill being considered by Florida legislators would put an end to this friendly arrangement by outlawing the sale of such devices. [More]


HOA Bans Just About Everything Fun A Kid Might Do Outside

Apparently going by the notion that the best way to keep a child from getting run over while playing outside is to keep the kids from going outside, a homeowners association in Boca Raton, FL, has decided to ban just about any fun activity a child might enjoy in the complex’s shared areas. [More]

When Your Coupon Gets Rejected, Don’t Pull A Gun On Walmart Staff

When Your Coupon Gets Rejected, Don’t Pull A Gun On Walmart Staff

We know that some people like coupons and take their use very seriously, but don’t take things to extremes. For example, there’s the Florida woman who was so enraged that her local Walmart wouldn’t take a coupon that she printed out online that she rammed a manager with a cart, then retrieved her handgun from her car and threatened employees with it. [More]

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Restaurant Imposes 1% Property Maintenance Fee On Tabs, Hopes No One Notices

When you go out to eat, you generally pay the price on the menu, then a tip for the service staff. Should you also have to pay an extra fee for the maintenance of the building and grounds of the restaurant? One Florida restaurant thought so…at least, until the “personal usage fee” caught the attention of a local TV channel. Then the fee suddenly disappeared. [More]