Fitbit Avoids Another Recall, Must Put Warning Labels On Wearables

Fitbit Avoids Another Recall, Must Put Warning Labels On Wearables

You may remember the Fitbit Force, a fitness-tracking wristband that went on the market at the end of 2013, then was eventually recalled after Consumerist brought rashes caused by the devices to the world’s attention. We’ve heard reports that the Force’s less intelligent cousin, the Flex, also caused skin irritation in some wearers. Know who else heard that? The Consumer Product Safety Commission. Fortunately for Fitbit, they’re only getting a warning. A warning label. [More]

"A personal coach" or a human prod?

The Latest In Wearable Fitness: A Wristband That Shocks You For Not Exercising Enough

As if the prick of a guilty conscience isn’t enough every time you pass those dusty gym shoes, someone has gone and created a device users willingly wear that give out electric shocks if you’re not sticking to your exercise regime. [More]


Weight Watchers Sheds Pounds, CEO, And Customers

Weight Watchers has changed a lot over the 50 years it’s been in business, but remains the top brand in paying someone to help you lose weight. Right now, the company is having some trouble. They recently ditched their CEO, and like many industries are struggling to stay relevant in a world where customers can get the same or better service online cheaper or for free. [More]