Comcast Refused To Cancel Cable For Customer Whose House Went Up In Flames

Comcast Refused To Cancel Cable For Customer Whose House Went Up In Flames

When your house burns down, the last thing you should be concerned about is having to make repeated calls to your cable provider to get them to cancel or suspend your service. And yet Comcast refused to cancel service for one Minnesota customer after his house was turned to ashes — all because he couldn’t provide his full account number. [More]

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Jury Orders Chrysler To Pay $150M After Jeep Fire Kills Four-Year-Old

Two years after Chrysler reluctantly recalled millions of Jeeps that could catch fire after being rear-ended the company has been ordered to pay $150 million to the family of a four-year-old boy who was killed in one of hundreds of related accidents. [More]

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Family Says Devastating House Fire Was Sparked By Refracted Rays From Nutella Jar

Sure, glass jars are pretty. But one family in London is warning others against using empty jars as decoration after rays from the sun refracted off a Nutella container in a windowsill, starting a blaze that engulfed the home and killed their beloved pet. [More]


Mercedes-Benz Recalls Nearly 150,000 Sedans Because Fires Aren’t Part Of The Driving Experience

There are a number of places you might expect to see a fire: camping, in the fireplace on a cold night. But one place you don’t want to experience a blaze is in your car’s engine. For that reason Mercedes-Benz is recalling nearly 150,000 sedans and station wagons. [More]

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Kia Recalls 87,000 Sedans For Potential Fire Hazard

The purpose of a cooling fan in your vehicle is to cool the car’s components under the hood. For nearly 87,000 Kia sedans, that apparently isn’t the case, as a piece of the fan has been found to overheat, melt and start a fire. So should come as no surprise that Kia would then recall those vehicles – which it did over the weekend. [More]

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California Teen Allegedly Sets Christmas-Themed Stuffed Animals On Fire At Walmart

In the past we’ve reported on some very disturbing behavior when it comes to consumers, stuffed animals, and Walmart (remember the humping incident?). The weirdness continued early this morning at a California store when a teen allegedly started a fire with the toys. [More]

Equipment Catches Fire At Amazon Warehouse, Your Stuff Is Fine

Equipment Catches Fire At Amazon Warehouse, Your Stuff Is Fine

In the early hours of Saturday morning, there was a fire at the fulfillment center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Warehouse workers and the local fire department were able to contain the fire, no one was injured, and none of your stuff that you haven’t ordered yet was damaged. [More]

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Power Company Burns Down Couple’s House During Cancer Treatment

M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas offers world-class cancer treatment, and a man who lives near Dallas traveled there to continue treatment after fighting cancer for three years. He had just learned that chemotherapy was no longer working when a call came from their neighbors back in northern Texas: their home was on fire. [More]

Mercedes Recalls 250,000 Vehicles Because Taillight Issue Could Lead To Small Trunk Fires

Mercedes Recalls 250,000 Vehicles Because Taillight Issue Could Lead To Small Trunk Fires

It’s never a fun experience when something in your vehicle fails. It’s even worse when that failure could lead to a trunk fire. And that’s precisely the reason Mercedes-Benz is recalling more than 250,000 vehicles. [More]

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Do Not Set Bird Seed On Fire To Distract Walmart Staff From Shoplifters

Shoplifting is a crime, a scourge in the retail business, and very, very bad. Do you know what’s worse than than shoplifting, though? Setting the store on fire to distract store security while your companion shoplifts. Now a Minneapolis woman has been charged with two counts of arson, and the Walmart store where this happened sustained six-figure damage. [More]

Man Runs Into Burning Home To Rescue Xbox

Man Runs Into Burning Home To Rescue Xbox

There’s a story I used to tell my college roommate’s little sisters that would make them squeal with joy every single time: There was once a fire in my house (not the laughter part) and upon seeing the flames, my dad ripped the Nintendo console out of the wall in my brothers’ bedroom, dashed downstairs and got everyone — and the Nintendo — safely out of the house. That’s how we explained having the console later but not the necessary cords to connect it. [More]

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It doesn’t have to be cold outside for your office to be a little drafty. Buildings ban space heaters for a reason, though. Just ask the Pennsylvania factory worker whose clothes caught fire due to to the small heater he was keeping in his workspace. [The Intelligencer]


6 Home Appliances Most Likely To Self-Immolate

Kitchen appliances make our lives more convenient and our meals more delicious, but they’re also dangerous. Dangerous? Ordinary appliances start tens of thousands of fires in United States homes every year. Our colleagues down the hall at ShopSmart rounded up some common causes of appliance fires and warned us all. [More]

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Catches Fire, Toilets Continue To Work

If you had been considering a cruise vacation because nothing has gone terribly wrong on any major ships in at least a couple of weeks, maybe you should reconsider. Passengers on their third day of a Royal Caribbean cruise were dragged out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and told to put their life vests on because of a fire on board. [More]

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Before House Fire Flames Are Out, Contractors And Adjusters Drum Up Business

When a house catches fire, there can be more than one type of first responder. There are the life-saving fire department and emergency medical services…and then there are the businesspeople selling repair and cleanup services, who sometimes arrive at the scene at the same time as the official first responders. Instead of hoses, axes, and ladders, these crews carry clipboards, contracts, and business cards. [More]


Before you go running out of your house to purchase an all new set of plastic pet bowls, let’s be realistic here — it’s probably not likely that your dog’s metal dish will catch the sunlight in just such a way as to spark a house fire, but anything is possible. One couple in California found out that the hot, fiery way. [More]

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Does The Lint Lizard Actually Work? Surprisingly, Yes

Infomercial products usually claim to solve a problem that you didn’t know you had. This is usually the stuff of jokes, but what if the products actually improved our lives and made us and our homes more safe? Such a thing is possible in the case of the Lint Lizard, a $11 gadget that promises to attach to your vacuum and suck gobs of lint out of the crevices of your dryer. [More]

Um, Why Did My Frigidaire Microwave Randomly Catch Fire?

Um, Why Did My Frigidaire Microwave Randomly Catch Fire?

Though not advertised as a feature, Matt recently learned that if you turn off a Frigidaire microwave and leave the house, it might spontaneously combust. A service tech blamed a short-circuiting switch for the blaze, which thankfully didn’t cause any serious property damage. [More]