How Nasty Is Your Bottled Water?

How Nasty Is Your Bottled Water?

Does your bottled water taste funny? It’s not just that it’s probably only tapwater. Environmental Working Group rated 173 brands of bottled water based on their sourcing information, purification, testing, and how transparent the information on their label and website was. Turns out, some of the biggest brands in bottled water are, well, a little murky. [More]

Fiji Water Might No Longer Come From Fiji

Fiji Water Might No Longer Come From Fiji

For years, Fiji Water has been touting the virtues of the water it pulls — “untouched by man” — from artesian wells in the island nation from which the company takes its name. But now the Fiji Water folks might be in over their head. They claim the Fijian government is trying to squeeze them dry with exorbitant taxes and have no other option but to pick up their operation and move elsewhere. [More]