Burger King Fires Employee Caught On Camera Cursing At Customer Over A Refund

While dealing with customer complaints is never a fun experience for anyone in the service industry, lashing out isn’t going to help things, especially now that anyone with a smartphone can be a filmmaker. A Burger King franchisee in Louisiana says its fired a worker who was caught on tape cursing at a customer who’d asked for a refund. [More]


How A Fight Over $255 Carpet Installation Led To Death Threats

It all started with a 10 x 10 foot piece of carpet, and now an argument over its installation has erupted into threats from both the customer and the business, police in Indiana say. [More]


12-Year-Old Girl Writes Letter To Dick’s Sporting Goods Explaining That Women Also Play Basketball

While it’s all well and good for us adults to stand up for gender equality in kids’ products, there’s something about kids themselves taking retailers to task for not giving both boys and girls a fair shake. Leading the pack of girls who aren’t about to take a boys-only view of the sports world this week is a 12-year-old who was so disappointed in Dick’s Sporting Goods for not featuring women in a recent basketball catalog, she took the company to task in a scathing, informed and otherwise wonderful letter. [More]

Power Mad Pasta Pass Owner Attempts To Make Us His Vassals

Power Mad Pasta Pass Owner Attempts To Make Us His Vassals

It was a day like any other day. In fact, it was, and is today. The sky was bright, the sun was high in the sky and nothing was wr– oh HOLD UP. One of our readers got a neverending Pasta Pass from Olive Garden and thinks that we should be in thrall to him? Uh uh. This is a Consumeristocracy, pal. [More]

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Grocery Store Shopper Calls The Cops On A Mom For Dropping F-Bombs In Front Of Her Kids

Is it a crime to swear at your children? That’s the question in one South Carolina town right now, after a Kroger customer called the cops on her fellow shopper for allegedly dropping f-bombs in front of her children. [More]


N.Y. Bar Changes “No Irish Drunks” Sign To “No Sensitive Drunks”

It’s time for us to make peace with our Irish brethren, America. A veritable war of words between our country and the Emerald Isle sprung up when a cafe in Ireland posted a sign telling “loud Americans” to stay away, a controversy that pulled in a New York establishment warning “NO IRISH DRUNKS” were allowed. The good news is we seem to have settled things and can all agree that anyone can be loud and drunk, we’re all humans, after all. [More]


Company Vows To Fight San Francisco Over App That Auctions Off Public Parking Spots

Last week, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera sent a cease-and-desist letter to mobile app company MonkeyParking, telling to quit allowing users to auction off their public park spots. But now the company’s CEO is all, “Bring it, because we’re not quitting without a fight,” if I might paraphrase his response. [More]

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JetBlue Flight Diverted After Passenger Wakes Up, Starts “Flipping Out”

It seems JetBlue had its hands full this weekend, what with the news of a little girl wetting herself in her seat after she was told she couldn’t use her plane’s restroom while it was on the tarmac, as well as an incident that diverted another flight when a passenger reportedly woke up and started “flipping out.” [More]

Author Suing Chobani Over Claim That It Ripped Off His Book For “How” Marketing Campaign

Author Suing Chobani Over Claim That It Ripped Off His Book For “How” Marketing Campaign

While there’s no way one person can have the sole rights to using certain words, like “how,” for example, one author going to battle with Chobani contends that the way those words are put together for marketing purposes should be protected from ripoffs. [More]

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United Express Flight Turns Around After Passenger Allegedly Threatens Neighbor Over Cell Phone

While it might be okay to keep certain devices on in airplanes now, it could be a bit confusing to flyers which contraptions can be used, and at what times, which is understandable. But when one United Express traveler apparently didn’t like her neighbor telling her to turn her phone off, her alleged reaction prompted the flight to turn back to Nashville after takeoff. [More]

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Missouri The Latest State To Add Legislation That Would Bar Direct Sales Of Tesla Cars

Tesla has its work cut out for it in Missouri, where yesterday legislators followed states like New Jersey and added a nugget into a previous bill going around that would bar the company (or any other carmakers) from selling vehicles directly to consumers in that state. Tesla, of course, isn’t happy about this. [More]

Despite Anonymous Realtor’s Angry Note, Couple Plans To Keep Parking On Their Lawn

Despite Anonymous Realtor’s Angry Note, Couple Plans To Keep Parking On Their Lawn

The best way to ensure your complaints won’t be taken seriously? Leaving an angry, anonymous letter detailing why you’re ticked off. Just such an unsigned missive from someone claiming to be a realtor has one elderly New Jersey couple pledging to keep parking on their own darn lawn if they want to. [More]


Steve Jobs Called The Competition With Google’s Android System A “Holy War”

How devoted was the late Steve Jobs to the company he co-founded? Devoted enough for him to liken Apple’s competition with Google’s Android operating system to a “holy war,” according to emails unearthed by Samsung’s lawyers as part of the Korean company’s legal fight against Apple. [More]

Frank Ocean’s Reply To Chipotle’s Lawsuit Over Undelivered Ad Song: F@&# Off, Here’s A Check

Frank Ocean’s Reply To Chipotle’s Lawsuit Over Undelivered Ad Song: F@&# Off, Here’s A Check

Things are heating up between Chipotle and musician Frank Ocean, after the Mexican food chain accused the singer in a lawsuit of failing to deliver a song for a commercial. Chipotle claims it paid him $212,500 in advance but then he failed to record the ad campaign’s song. His reply? Here’s your money back and oh yeah, f–k off. [More]


Flight Attendant Suing Jay Leno For On-Air Jokes About Her Close Relationship With A Pet Rat

Remember the American Airlines flight attendant who sued her employers over allegations that people claimed she smuggled her pet rat onboard in her underthings? She’s now claiming in a new lawsuit that the host of the Tonight Show, Jay Leno, and NBC defamed her by falsely accusing her of “engaging in bestiality and sexual misconduct with a rat.” So there’s that. [More]


Customer Writes Negative Review After Never Receiving Order, Site Fines Her $3.5K

UPDATE 11/18: We’ve been in touch with Jen after numerous readers reached out to Consumerist saying they wanted to help with her case. She’s going to keep us in the loop about her situation, but wanted share a message with those who’ve been supporting her and her husband. “If you could just convey to everyone how much we deeply appreciate all the support the internet has generated, that would be wonderful,” Jen writes. Our readers are the best. [More]


The “Reply All” email option can be a useful tool. But it is also a dangerous foe, as the CEO of one start-up apparently figured out. The main lesson here is: Don’t tell a customer to “f&%$ off” even if you’re a million percent sure he or she won’t see it. Because that Reply All button is a sneaky son-of-a-you-know-what, and you will come off looking like a bad company. [Valleywag]


Lawsuit Claims Home Depot Is Shaking Down Accused Shoplifters

A new lawsuit aimed at Home Depot claims the company engaged in shakedown tactics to pressure and intimidate thousands of customers, accused of shoplifting, into paying millions of dollars to have those accusations dropped. The class-action suit says Home Depot would threaten customers with a lawsuit if they didn’t pay up, even when they had no intention of actually suing anyone. [More]