Don’t Bet On The Delivery Guy Owning Snow Shoes: NYC Mayor’s Blizzard Ban On Vehicles Includes Bikes


As parents elsewhere in the country continue to inquire whether their grown offspring living in New York City are fully prepared for the impending snowmageddon, Mayor Bill de Blasio is putting a potentially huge crimp in hungry citizens’ plans for weathering the storm by banning all non-emergency vehicles on the streets after 11 p.m. tonight. That includes delivery vehicles and yes, even bikes. [More]

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Study Shocks No One By Revealing That We Snack A Lot At Work

Anyone who works somewhere with other people around know that it’s pretty much impossible to avoid snacking on the job, what with all those horrible free cupcakes and the endless parade of homemade baked goods. It is anathema to those trying to eat things that are not laden with sugar and fat. Which is why no one around here is surprised to hear that a study finds workplace snacking is the downfall of dieters. [More]


Groupon Now Offering Time-Based Restaurant Deals That Require A Reservation

Part of the hassle Groupon customers traditionally have faced is presenting that printed or mobile deal voucher to redeem it when the time comes. And that time wasn’t always ideal for businesses, either, with owners complaining of floods of customers wielding vouchers and overwhelming them. In an attempt to allay both stressful situations, Groupon’s new foray into the deal world for restaurants that take reservations comes with a time limit, with no voucher presentation involved. [More]

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Map Shows Which Foods Set Your State Apart From The Rest Of The Country

Look around you — are you surrounded by cheddar cheese? Ranch dressing? Or is every menu you see overflowing with hoagies? What’s on many of the menus in your state sets it apart, whether it’s chocolate, ahi tuna or cheesesteaks. [More]


Now that we know where all the bars are (hey, Wisconsin), where’s an American supposed to get a burger after a few beers? It’s back to the maps, with this handy illustration of which of the seven major burger chains is closest, depending on where you live. Mmm, crunching numbers. [via]


Health Officials Make It Official: Makers Of Infant Formula Must Test For Germs

Back in February, the United States Food and Drug Administration announced an interim rule covering infant formula that would require manufacturers to test for certain contaminants, as well as ensure that the products contain the right amount of nutrients. Today the agency announced that the new policy is set to be finalized. [More]

Science Validates The Role Of Snacks In Keeping Couples From Going To Bed “Hangry”

Science Validates The Role Of Snacks In Keeping Couples From Going To Bed “Hangry”

You know that feeling where if you don’t get something in your stomach right this very minute you are going to chuck the entire contents of this dresser against the wall, so help me? Being hungry can make you extra angry, say scientists who are doing us all a huge favor by validating the phrase “hangry,” meaning you should have a snack if you’re in a spat with your significant other to counter that phenomenon. [More]

Thank Goodness Someone Is Finally Working On An Emergency Pizza Button

Thank Goodness Someone Is Finally Working On An Emergency Pizza Button

We’ve heard of magical pizza buttons in far away lands before, but now there’s something in the works right here at home. It’s not going to be on the market anytime but still. A button just for pizza, when you need it most. That’s a world I want to live in. [More]

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Study: Skipping Breakfast Could Increase Risk Of Heart Attack

This is usually where I’d say that my wise, older relative once told me the benefits of doing such and such a thing, but not this time. I always say: I don’t skip the morning meal because otherwise I’d be grumpier than a bear woken from hibernation by the blasting of a Justin Bieber CD straight into the ear holes by lunch if I didn’t eat, but a new study says you shouldn’t skimp on breakfast because it might increase your risk of having a heart attack. [More]