Worst Company In America Round 1: UPS Vs. FedEx

Worst Company In America Round 1: UPS Vs. FedEx

The final match of Round One delivers the one-two punch of FedEx and UPS, both of whom were scheduled to fight earlier but had to reschedule because they were running late. [More]


Lawsuit: FedEx Accidentally Delivered Box Of Drugs To Me, Gave Intended Recipient My Address

A woman in Massachusetts is suing FedEx, alleging that the shipping company mistakenly delivered a box containing marijuana to her address, then proceeded to provide her name and address to the package’s intended recipient. [More]

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FedEx Driver Can’t Read Street Signs, Shrugs

You’d think that before getting hired as a FedEx driver, someone would check to see whether you have certain skills. Such as the ability to read street signs. The driver serving Charlie’s neighborhood lacks this key skill. That, or he confuses street names very, very frequently. [More]


FedEx Delivers iPad Mini, UPS Grinch Shows Up & Swipes My Daughter’s Christmas Gift

All it takes is one little bit of surveillance footage to bust a Christmas Grinch, but in this case he wasn’t coming down the chimneys of fictional Whoville to steal presents. A Houston man’s home security camera caught a UPS employee dropping off one package at the door before taking an iPad Mini that FedEx had delivered only hours earlier.  [More]

Postal inspectors are using photocopies and scans of packages to figure out which items are missing.

Hundreds Of FedEx Packages Missing After Driver Kicks Them Out Of His Truck

If you live in the area of Papillion, Nebraska, and you’ve been waiting on a FedEx package for a couple weeks now, you’re not alone, after a driver for the delivery service decided to simply dump hundreds of parcels in the road. [More]

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FedEx Employee Says Company Knew It Was Overcharging Customers, Didn’t Care

As part of a class action lawsuit alleging that FedEx has been overcharging its business and government customers for years, an unsealed email from an employee claims that not only did the company know it was doing so, it even overcharged itself for sending packages to its own headquarters. Go on, shake your head in disbelief. [More]


When Customs Seizes The Cocaine And Meth You Sent Via FedEx, Don’t Call And Ask Why

In general, we support complaining to a company when you didn’t get what you paid for, no matter how small the amount. It’s only fair. Even we have to admit, though, that a California man might have been better off not calling to check on the whereabouts of the packages he sent through FedEx to the Philippines. Law enforcement is glad that he did, though. Prosecutors say that the boxes contained three kilograms of methamphetamine and one hundred grams of cocaine. [More]

Not all that intelligent.

FedEx SmartPost Package Takes A Week To Tour Southern California, Tantalizingly Near My House

Tim’s new shirt from Teefury didn’t have to go very far. It just had to make a short trip across the Los Angeles hypermetroplex. But somehow the eventual delivery service that is FedEx SmartPost couldn’t get the package to go in a straight line, which meant that it took a meandering route around the area. Really, they could have put the shirt in a cardboard tube and rolled it to Tim faster. [More]


FedEx Knows I Need To Send 9 Boxes To My New House, Suspends My Account

Ann and her family are going through a series of moves–first an international one, from England to the United States, and then a domestic one, from Florida to Vermont. Though precisely why she needs FedEx to come pick up a bunch of large boxes from her house is almost irrelevant. The problem is that they won’t. She sent this plea for help to a few executive addresses, but has heard nothing back yet. [More]

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FedEx Driver Can’t Be Bothered To Walk Up To My Door So Just Leaves The Package In My Car

Consumerist reader Robert has gotten used to the fact that his FedEx delivery man just doesn’t like walking up to his door. As such, he isn’t surprised that he heard the truck pull up recently and went outside to find an empty stoop. He checked the tracking number and sure enough, the package had allegedly been delivered. Sometimes packages would end up at his front gate but alas, nothing. Time to do some investigative work! [More]

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FedEx Hiring 20,000 Seasonal Workers To Deal With Upcoming Holiday Rush

Tis the season to sit at home and click, click, click buy and send presents to loved ones around the world. This year, FedEx is expecting even more shipping traffic than it did last year and as such is hiring 20,000 seasonal workers to help make things run smoothly. [More]


FedEx Office Requires Business ID To Pick Up Package, Says I Can Just Make One Up

Stepping into Consumerist reader Steve’s local FedEx Office outlet is like falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, where a package is simultaneously delivered and en route and where security measures require you to show ID in order to pick up a package, but anyone is free to fabricate that ID even though FedEx knows it’s fake. [More]

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So I Guess UPS Has Just Stopped Delivering To My House?

Since signing up with UPS My Choice a couple months ago, Consumerist reader Stephanie has seen her UPS service slow down, first delivering 2-day packages on the third day, and for the last few weeks, simply not delivering at all. [More]

FedEx Driver Knows I'm Home During The Day, Tries To Turn Me Into Human Drop Box

FedEx Driver Knows I'm Home During The Day, Tries To Turn Me Into Human Drop Box

While working from one’s home does have its perks — the cheap commute, lax dress code, no jerk humming with his headphones on in the next cubicle — one Consumerist reader has fallen into the trap of being the go-to place for her local FedEx driver to turn when her neighbors aren’t home to accept packages. [More]

Who Is J. Cohen, And Why Do They Have My Office Chair?

Who Is J. Cohen, And Why Do They Have My Office Chair?

Fedex delivered Spike’s expensive new office chair right on time, but they didn’t deliver it to her. Someone signed for the package, scrawling “JC,” which was recorded as J. Cohen. Spike doesn’t know this person, and they certainly don’t live in her apartment. FedEx insists that the delivery was successful, and won’t help. [More]

FedEx Punishing Me For Delivering Package Addressed To My Neighbor, Claims It Was Mine

FedEx Punishing Me For Delivering Package Addressed To My Neighbor, Claims It Was Mine

Consumerist reader Kenneth is a pretty good neighbor. After all, he dropped off a misdelivered package FedEx left on his stoop to a house around the corner where it was actually supposed to be going. But that simple act of consideration has resulted in FedEx refusing to deliver what he was supposed to get in the first place. [More]

FedEx Quails In The Presence Of A Buzzer, Rendering Next-Day Air A Waste Of Money

Paying a premium price for a special service, say, getting a package the next day, is worth it if you’re in the business of needing things quickly. Which is why Chris is regretting that the person delivering an item essential to his work happened to be a FedEx employee who didn’t know what to do with a doorbell. [More]

Guess What, FedEx Driver? No One At A U.S. Army Base Will Find Your Bomb Jokes Funny

Guess What, FedEx Driver? No One At A U.S. Army Base Will Find Your Bomb Jokes Funny

A FedEx driver who apparently was never trained in the “don’t ever, ever say the word bomb on the job” is facing a felony terrorism charge, after he allegedly joked that a package was “probably a bomb” at a U.S. Army base. [More]