Woman Breaks Ankle, Waits 30 Hours For Ambulance In NYC Blizzard

Woman Breaks Ankle, Waits 30 Hours For Ambulance In NYC Blizzard

A Brooklyn woman who slipped and broke her ankle on Sunday had to wait 30 hours for the ambulance to show up after she called 911. The blizzard, and the city’s sub-optimal response to clearing it up, left cars and even emergency service vehicles stranded in the snow. [More]

FDNY To Begin Charging Motorists In Car Crashes

FDNY To Begin Charging Motorists In Car Crashes

The Fire Department in New York City thinks the taxpayers should no longer be the only ones paying when firefighters are called to the scene of a car crash. Starting next summer, the FDNY will begin billing their time to the motorists involved in the incidents. [More]

The Magic Fire Department Jacket Of Excellent Customer Service

One great way to get good customer service is to wear fire department gear. Usually my relationship with local merchants is pretty neutral. I give them money, they give me goods and services, and we both go on our ways without too much in the way of exchanging of pleasantries. But recently my EMT buddy gave me a super-comfortable official FDNY sweatjacket (it’s got a zipper, my name on the pocket, a FDNY badge on the left shoulder, an (empty) station badge on the left breast and FDNY stitched in outline on the back) for my birthday and when I wore it to get breakfast, both the bagel guy and the coffee guy were much friendlier than they’ve ever been. I do not in any way condone impersonating emergency workers or law enforcement personnel, I just thought it was interesting to see in person the difference in how stores treated me just based on the jacket I wore. Though, I couldn’t help thinking about wearing it and going back to Commerce Bank and see if they’ve changed their mind about waiving that account inactivity fee…