Our Top 13 Grossest Food Stories Of All Time

Our Top 13 Grossest Food Stories Of All Time

Tales of unacceptable food don’t just appeal to our more prurient interests. They do hit the “eww, can’t look away!” center of the brain quite squarely, but these stories do more than that. They give us an uncomfortable insight into the complexity of the Western food supply, how industrialized and automated food processing really is, and how underpaid restaurant staff can be really obnoxious sometimes. Fast-food employees in particular.

In that spirit of public education and outreach, here are 13 of the grossest food-related stories from the last four years and change of The Consumerist. Enjoy. Learn. Try not to vomit.

This post does contain pictures, but they’re tiny and it’s difficult to determine what’s in them. Well, mostly.