Chipotle’s Closed Today, But You Can Get A ‘Raincheck’ Free Burrito… Or A Deal From Competitors

Chipotle’s Closed Today, But You Can Get A ‘Raincheck’ Free Burrito… Or A Deal From Competitors

Burrito lovers have had weeks to prepare for the hours-long closure of Chipotle restaurants today, and in that time several competing fast Mexican chains have promoted special offers for the lunchtime crowd. But it looks like Chipotle may also have a deal for its temporarily abandoned customers: a raincheck for a free burrito.  [More]


Why Does McDonald’s Have Such A Hard Time Wooing Millennials?

Does McDonald’s need to try to change the world to win back its customers? Mickey D’s, still reeling from reporting its steepest monthly sales decline in 14 years, has been reaching out to ad agencies and media companies looking for advice on what kind of charitable partnership it can work up to help it connect better with its customers (specifically “millennials”), the Wall Street Journal reports, citing sources familiar with the matter.


Would You Like Guacamole With Your McDonald’s Meal?

Would You Like Guacamole With Your McDonald’s Meal?

You might react to this concept with either horror or curiosity: McDonald’s is testing guacamole as a condiment and dipping sauce at its restaurants in southern California, and they’re testing a fancy new Guacamole Burger in Denver. For 89 cents, they’ll put guacamole on anything. Anything? [More]

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Colorado, Florida Residents Really Love “Fast Casual” Restaurants

“Fast casual” is that vague food industry term for eateries that nicer than your typical fast food joint but aren’t really what you would consider sit-down restaurants. They’re the kind of place where you often get lunch at a counter, but the food and service are generally better [Think Chipotle or Panera]. It’s been a growth segment in an industry that’s been somewhat flat in recent years, and according to a new survey, six of the 10 most dense fast casual populations are in either Colorado or Florida. [More]


There Are 655,360 Different Burrito Combinations Possible At Chipotle

It’s not often that you can test an ad claim and find that a company is actually underselling itself. The menu at Chipotle is small and simple but has many possible configurations. How many? Well, you could eat there once per day without repeating a meal for 1,794 years. Don’t ever claim to be bored with your lunches again. [More]


Would Chipotle Be The Same With Drive-Thru Windows?

To many Chipotle customers, part of the reason for going to the restaurant chain is that you get to watch your burritos and bowls made to order right in front of you, but the company apparently needs to bring in new customers and thinks that adding drive-thru windows might help. [More]