Doctors Call For End To Fattening Farm Animals With Antibiotics

While the beef, pork and drug industry likes to claim there isn’t enough science to merit a ban on the medically unnecessary use of antibiotics in farm animal feed, the nation’s largest group of physicians doesn’t quite see it that way. [More]

Your hand tastes nice, but it could use a twist of amoxicillin... (afagen)

FDA Politely Asks Drug Companies To Voluntarily Stop Providing Antibiotics For Animal Feed

In the face of numerous reports indicating that the practice of using medically unnecessary antibiotics to bulk up farm animals is leading to millions of people getting sick each year from drug-resistant pathogens, the Food & Drug Administration drew a line in the sand today and put an end to the practi– oh wait, I meant that the FDA has politely asked drug companies to voluntarily phase out sales of these drugs to farmers. [More]

Walmart Recalls "Realistic Animals" Tainted With Lead

Walmart Recalls "Realistic Animals" Tainted With Lead

A plague of lead has stricken Walmart’s stock of “realistic animals”. Affected animals include farm animals, jungle animals, and even the feared dinosaur. The animals are currently trapped in chinsy cellophane bags clad shut by a brandless cardboard strip that proudly boasts: 88 Cents!

“Wal-Mart said independent testing revealed excessive levels of lead in the base material, not the surface coating.”