(Taco Shells from Doritos Movement on Facebook)

Man Who Spearheaded Effort To Put Tacos In Shells Made Of Doritos Has Passed Away

Admit it: You’ve probably seen a product hit the big time and thought, “I came up with that first!” Whether or not you’ve ever eaten a Doritos Locos Taco and enjoyed it or not, the man who started the push for tacos to be served in Doritos got to participate in seeing his dream become reality. Sadly, Todd Mills’ family says he passed away on Thanksgiving at the age of 41. [More]

Creator Of Lemonheads & Atomic FireBalls Passes On To That Great Candy Dish In The Sky

The next time you enjoy a mouth-puckering box of Lemonheads or a fiery handful of Atomic FireBalls, give a moment of silent thanks to their inventor, Nello Ferrara, who passed away Friday at the age of 93. We’d like to think he’s in a place where chocolate waterfalls flow and sugar falls like sweet rain. [More]

Borders CEO's Goodbye Email To His Customers

Borders CEO's Goodbye Email To His Customers

Mike Edwards, the CEO of the liquidating Borders bookstores emailed a farewell note to all Borders Rewards Members last night. In it, he looked back at the over 40 years of bookselling and imagination-stoking the chain has done and explained why they were closing down. Beyond the sentiments, he also explained some important things you’ll want to know if you want to buy some books from them before they close their doors for good. [More]