We Are Shocked, Simply Shocked That Summer Airfares Have Dropped In Price This Year

Usually the prospect of booking flights in the summer months means one thing: trying to finagle a not extremely expensive flight but ultimately giving up and just paying whatever high price you have to, because you need to get to the beach/wedding/vacation destination. But because so many fellow travelers booked early this year or decided to go abroad, domestic summer travel fares are actually down right now. Yep, down. [More]


Other Airlines Apparently Uninterested In Joining Any Of United’s Fare-Hiking Games

Every year the airlines seem to go through the same little fare-hiking dance, multiple times and with varying results. This time it’s United Airlines, which is trying to raise prices on domestic routes ranging from $4 to $20 roundtrip. The only fly in its pricing ointment is that it doesn’t look like the other airlines are going to follow suit. [More]

Advice For Holiday Travelers This Year: Buy Your Tickets Now

Advice For Holiday Travelers This Year: Buy Your Tickets Now

CNN’s Travel Companion suggests you start looking for Thanksgiving and Christmas tickets now, because airlines have cut capacity over last year, and the peak travel times for those two holidays are shorter this year than usual. The article also provide some tips for getting a good price: shop for single seats; aim for Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday flights; and if you can, try to fly on an actual holiday. [More]

Cab Driver Locks Doors, Holds Passenger Hostage For Trying To Pay With Credit Card

Cab Driver Locks Doors, Holds Passenger Hostage For Trying To Pay With Credit Card

There’s a driver for Pittsburgh Yellow Cab Company who doesn’t like it when you try to pay with a Discover card, even though the company’s website says they accept it. When Adam tried this, the driver accused him of trying to avoid paying, then locked the doors and initially refused to let him go to an ATM 15 feet away unless he left all of his belongings behind. While Adam called the cab company to complain (he was routed to a voicemail inbox), the driver called the police. Twice. [More]


In Canada, the supreme court has ruled that obese people have the right to two seats for the price of one on flights within Canada. [Yahoo!] (Thanks, Steven!)


Delta is selling airline tickets from New York City to Chicago for $79 each way. You must depart October 11th and return between October 13-14th. [TravelZoo via their Twitter feed]

Delta: Sorry Your Lung Collapsed, But You Should Have Used Your Voucher Sooner

Delta: Sorry Your Lung Collapsed, But You Should Have Used Your Voucher Sooner

Trevor’s lung collapsed last year, flummoxing his plans to travel with Delta from New York to Toronto. Delta issued a voucher and promised Trevor that it could be redeemed anytime within one year. What they didn’t tell him, at any point, was that they started counting not from the date of his planned travel, or from the date he requested the refund, but from the date they issued the original ticket.

American Airlines Is Losing $3.3 Million A Day

American Airlines Is Losing $3.3 Million A Day

Every day, American Airlines gets up in the morning, looks in the mirror, thinks about the $3.3 million dollars it lost yesterday, brushes its teeth and gets ready to lose another $3.3 million. Fortune says the hemorrhaging began in January, and while red ink is no stranger to the airline industry, they’re running out of things to cut.

NYC Subway Gets More Expensive For Most Riders

NYC Subway Gets More Expensive For Most Riders

NYC’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted to raise subway fares today.


United Airlines and a bunch of other airlines raise fares $20. [Chicago Tribune]

JetBlue Wants You, Canada

Low-cost U.S. carrier JetBlue Airways Corp. is applying to launch charter and scheduled service between Canada and the United States, a move that is expected to shake up Canadian rivals and reduce transborder fares.

8 Airlines Raise Fares

8 Airlines Raise Fares

Despite what may be the most frustrating summer ever for airline travelers, 8 airlines have decided to raise their fares. Why? Jet fuel prices are up 24% this year.

Air Travel Just Got More Expensive, Again

Air Travel Just Got More Expensive, Again

A $5 (each way) fare hike survived through the weekend with all five major carriers adopting it, according to USAToday:

Bankrupt Delta Air Lines was the first to raise fares last week on flights within the continental United States. The move was quickly matched by rivals.

Airlines Hike Fares

After Delta and American announced plans to raise fares by up to $40, other airlines are following suit. United announced they’d be adding $10 to most round-tip flights. Northwest and U.S. Airways have matched the increase. —MEGHANN MARCO

Airlines Hike Rates Up To $40

American and Delta have rated rates in the face of higher fuel costs, the airlines said yesterday. US Airways and Continental did not match the hike, and United and Northwest said they are studying it.