$8.5 Billion Discount Store Merger: Dollar Tree Purchases Family Dollar

Those dollar purchases really add up, but for Dollar Tree it’s just one proposed purchase that’s creating a rather substantial tab. The discount store recently announced plans to acquire its larger rival Family Dollar. [More]

(Steven Depolo)

Dollar Store Bubble Bursting? Family Dollar Closing 370 Stores, Cutting Prices

Once upon a time, dollar stores were living the high life, enjoying increased revenue and making plans for expansion. Okay, that was just a year ago, but still, a lot can change in a year. And that’s definitely the case for Family Dollar, whose recent revenue drop has executives taking some pretty serious action. [More]


When You’re Getting Kicked Out Of Family Dollar, Don’t Ask Your 7-Year-Old To Pepper Spray The Employees

If you’re banned from a retail store, it’s probably best to avoid making a return visit. It’s certainly not a good idea to bring along your young children when you do pop by, and it’s definitely ill-advised to ask one of those children to use pepper spray on that store’s employees. [More]

A map of Family Dollar stores in the Philadelphia area. The chain hopes to open its 11,000th store this year.

Did The Recession Create A Dollar Store Bubble?

Seven years ago, we were flipping houses with loans we received for passing the “Are you currently breathing?” underwriting requirements. Then it all collapsed and we transitioned from shopping at Neiman Marcus to the local dollar stores, which have ballooned in numbers due to a misguided belief that people will remain thrifty. [More]

Family Dollar Tries To Compete With Target By Stealing Its Math

Family Dollar Tries To Compete With Target By Stealing Its Math

No retailer will ever come close to Target in the realm of fuzzy math: sale prices that are higher than regular ones, volume discounts that cost you more for buying large quantities of an item, and substitutions that make no sense. Discounter Family Dollar is doing their best, though. [More]


Pranking Coworker With Laxative-Laced Soda Not So Hilarious When Customer Buys The Drink

Punishing your fellow employee for being a notorious food stealer by lacing a soda with laxatives is one (awful) thing, but you better make darn sure a customer doesn’t end up with said drink. Unfortunately for one Family Dollar shopper in Kansas City, Mo., the employee-on-employee pranking spilled over into her life when she bought the Coke in question. [More]

Would You Shop In A Store Hot Enough To Turn A Snickers Bar Into A Beverage?

Would You Shop In A Store Hot Enough To Turn A Snickers Bar Into A Beverage?

For at least five days, the employees at a Family Dollar store in the St. Louis area claim they have been working without proper air-conditioning and that temperatures in the store have been in the triple digits. But that hasn’t stopped some customers from coming in. [More]