Facebook Introduces AMBER Alerts That Appear In News Feeds Of Users In The Search Area

Facebook is continuing to dip its toes into the real life world of emergencies and natural disasters with another new safety feature: Whenever the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children issues an AMBER Alert for a missing child, users in the targeted search area affected will automatically see that alert in their Facebook feeds. [More]

Crayola Apologizes After Hackers Post NSFW Pics To Kid-Friendly Facebook Page

Crayola Apologizes After Hackers Post NSFW Pics To Kid-Friendly Facebook Page

Visitors to the Crayola Facebook page were seeing Brick Red, or perhaps blushing in shades of Carnation Pink on Sunday when they realized that some nogoodniks had taken over the account and decided to have a laugh by juvenile but not kid-friendly updates for the crown company’s 2.45 million fans to see. [More]

Until a recent update, images posted to Instagram when your account was private could still be accessed even after your account was set to private.

Instagram Fixes A Loophole That Allowed Public To See Private Pics

Some 300 million people have accounts on Facebook-owned photo-sharing service Instagram, and while many of those users are fine with letting the world see every image they post, some Instagrammers prefer to keep their pics private. However, until this weekend there was a loophole that could give people unauthorized access to private images on Instagram. [More]


Study: 58% Of All American Adults Are On Facebook

While you’ll still bump into your share of people who prefer to abstain from maintaining a social media presence, there are a whole lot of us signed up and freely sharing inspirational quotes wrongly attributed to famous people. According to a new study looking at adults who use the Internet in the U.S. (81% of the entire population), a new study found that 71% have a Facebook account, which means roughly 58% of all American adults are on the social media site. [More]

From Samsung To Razer To Oculus, Our Experience With The Latest In Virtual Reality

From Samsung To Razer To Oculus, Our Experience With The Latest In Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been a holy grail of sorts for tech developers for several decades, but previous generations’ attempts were too clunky, heavy, and unconvincing. The dream hasn’t died, and judging by what we saw at International CES this week, the field is ready to explode (in a good way). [More]

Facebook Is Considering Adding A “Dislike” Button

I'm not an artist, but I do my best. (afagen)

You know you’ve had that thought — “I OPPOSITE OF “LIKE” THIS, FACEBOOK!” — whether it was on the eleventy trillionth gushing baby photo post or whatever ridiculous political thing that person from high school is posting this time. And while Facebook has long stood firm against a “dislike” button, it seems the negative Nellies out there have some sway with The Zuck, nevertheless. [More]

Pasting A Copyright Notice On Your Facebook Timeline Still Won’t Work

Pasting A Copyright Notice On Your Facebook Timeline Still Won’t Work

It’s like an annual tradition: Facebook announces revisions to its privacy or data use policies, and the people of Facebook Nation respond by copying and pasting a boilerplate notice warning Mark Zuckerberg and his cronies that their political rants and snapshots of their kids’ drawings belong to them, thank you very much. The problem: this does not actually work. [More]


Swedish Hotel Offering Free 7-Night Stays For People With More Than 2,000 Facebook Friends

We already know the value companies place on attracting new fans on social media, which is part of the reason using sites like Facebook and Instagram is free: Advertisers want your attention and they want the attention of your friends. So in order to harness the power of social media, one Swedish hotel is offering up a tasty bit of bait in the form of free stays for the big hitters on Facebook and Instagram. [More]

Report: Facebook Planning “At Work” Version For Networking On The Job


Stop whatever you’re doing at work — talking to Joanne in accounting about her weekend or crunching those numbers — and get on Facebook. Seriously, your boss might want you to do that in the future if the new reported “Facebook at Work” test becomes a workplace reality. [More]


Mark Zuckerberg Explains Why Facebook Forced Everyone To Download A Separate Messaging App

Whether you were dragged, kicking and screaming into downloading Facebook’s standalone messaging app when the time came, went quietly or straight up refused to do it at all (take that, The Man!), no one was really quite sure why Facebook was so into the mandatory move. Until now [cue suspenseful music]… [More]

Facebook Is Raising Money To Fight Ebola

Facebook Is Raising Money To Fight Ebola

You may have heard the news recently that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a $25 million donation to Ebola relief efforts. Most of us don’t have that kind of money sitting around to donate, even to important causes, but Facebook wants us to check our metaphorical couch cushions and make our own donations to help treat Ebola patients in western Africa, and to prevent the disease from spreading further. [More]

Results for four of the 39 services currently evaluated on the EFF's Secure Messaging Scorecard.

Secure Messaging Scorecard Shows Just How Unprotected Your Online Chats Are

The Internet is a place where hundreds of millions of people go to write things they wouldn’t — or can’t — say in public, and many of the most private and secretive communications occur via the many instant messaging services available to consumers. But what you may not realize when sharing your personal thoughts (and images) with someone online is that the level of privacy and security on these services varies wildly from one to the next. [More]

Facebook: Govt. Requests For User Data Up 24% In First Half Of 2014

Facebook: Govt. Requests For User Data Up 24% In First Half Of 2014

The whole notion of companies being transparent — or at least as transparent as they are allowed to be — about governmental requests for personal data is still quite new, so it’s too soon to identify trends based on the little bit of information we’re given, but today Facebook said that governmental requests for user data during the first half of 2014 were 24% higher worldwide than they were during the six months previous. [More]

Facebook’s Next Big Thing: Bringing Back That AOL Chatroom Feeling

Facebook’s Next Big Thing: Bringing Back That AOL Chatroom Feeling

A few weeks ago, we all heard that Facebook — the site where your real name and offline social connections are meant to rule supreme — was planning to launch an app that supported anonymous use. Today, Facebook announced their new product for real… and it sounds an awful lot like a phone-focused version of the chat rooms and message boards AOL brought into our living rooms 20 years ago. [More]

Facebook Adds New Safety Check Feature To Let Loved Ones Know You’re Okay After A Disaster

Facebook Adds New Safety Check Feature To Let Loved Ones Know You’re Okay After A Disaster

I’ll never forget the one time I’ve felt an earthquake in New York City. Not because it was anything scary — it was only a brief, jarring moment in an elevator — but because it seemed like every person I knew outside of the area was reaching out whether through text, phone call, email or social media to make sure I was okay (I was totally fine, but it was nice anyway). Facebook has a new feature called Safety Check that it says will make that whole process a lot easier. [More]

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Anyone Over The Age Of 99 Has To Lie About Their Age To Join Facebook

A woman in Minnesota who turns 114 years old today (Happy birthday!) had to lie about her age recently. No, not because she wanted to appear younger, and not because she doesn’t want to admit she was born before every home had a telephone and flying hunks of metal called airplanes got people from here to there. She was trying to sign up for Facebook, which only allows for users 99 and younger. [More]

Facebook Reportedly Planning An App Where Nobody Knows Your Name


At the moment where you might be suffering from Facebook fatigue — knowing that that girl from your biology class in high school has a craving for froyo gets exhausting — the social media company is reportedly planning a mobile app that’d be separate from Facebook, and would allow users to interact under pseudonyms. That way you’ll know when a stranger has a craving for froyo instead. Much more interesting. [More]


Facebook Wants To Be Your Source For Healthcare Info

Facebook is already a hotbed for your hypochondriac and conspiracy theorist friends to post poorly sourced or blatantly false medical information — like the bogus “Johns Hopkins Cancer Update” that pops up every few months — but the social network apparently wants to be more actively involved in the collecting and sharing of healthcare information to its users. [More]