Why Cord-Cutters Aren’t Getting The Holy Grail TV Of Streaming Services Just Yet

As a growing number of consumers drop — or never sign up for — traditional pay-TV services, it’s easy to point to Netflix as a big reason. And yet, Netflix and similar services don’t actually replace the TV experience, especially when it comes to sports. Newer offerings, like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, replicate the live TV watching experience, but falter compared to traditional pay-TV when it comes to things like DVR functionality. What’s stopping the big players from offering an all-in-one online service now? [More]

Want To Break Up Your Cable Bundle But Keep Your Favorite Channels? That Could Be About $250

Want To Break Up Your Cable Bundle But Keep Your Favorite Channels? That Could Be About $250

A certain segment of consumers have been clamoring for years for cable distributors to break up the monolithic, 300-channel bundle into a la carte offerings. For those who don’t watch sports, the logic goes, why pay for ESPN? Why pay for TLC if you don’t watch reality TV, or CNN if you don’t give a damn about news? [More]

Verizon FiOS Sued Over No-ESPN-Included “Custom TV” Cable Packages

Verizon FiOS Sued Over No-ESPN-Included “Custom TV” Cable Packages

Just about every basic cable package in the U.S. includes ESPN whether you want it or not. This is because the popular sports network’s contract generally forbids pay-TV providers from putting ESPN on a separate sports tier. But Verizon FiOS recently introduced “Custom TV,” a programming package that doesn’t necessarily include ESPN, and now the telecom giant is being sued by the sports network for breach of contract. [More]

Disney Pulls Ads For Verizon’s ESPN-Less Cable Package

Disney Pulls Ads For Verizon’s ESPN-Less Cable Package

Earlier this week, Verizon FiOS began offering customers a new way to choose which cable channels they pay for, by allowing them to pay for a small base package of core channels and then pay to add on niche-targeted bundles of 10-17 channels each. This didn’t sit well with ESPN, the most expensive channel on just about everyone’s pay-TV lineup, and ESPN’s corporate overlords at Disney are reportedly refusing to air ads for FiOS’s new offering. [More]

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Verizon’s ESPN-Not-Included FiOS Base Package Violates Contract, Says Sports Network

Last week, Verizon announced a new way to purchase its FiOS pay-TV service: Pay as little as $55/month for a core package of basic channels and then add on niche-targeted bundles of 10-17 channels each for an additional charge. One of the biggest differences between this model and the standard basic/premiumc cable offerings is that ESPN — the most expensive basic cable channel — was not included in the core package. The folks at the Disney-owned sports network say Verizon may be not be allowed. [More]

5 Things To Consider Before Spending $20/Month On Sling TV

5 Things To Consider Before Spending $20/Month On Sling TV

This morning, Dish’s Sling TV streaming service ended its invite-only period and opened the floodgates to anyone who wants to sign up for $20/month access. We’ve been messing around with Sling for a few days and have come across some issues you should take into account before deciding to sign up. [More]


ESPN Selling U.S. Fans Live-Streaming Access To Cricket World Cup For $99.99

While cricket doesn’t enjoy the immense popularity it inspires in other countries, fans of the sport who’ve been going without their fixes here in the United States will have a way to watch the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup: In a first for ESPN, the network is selling live-streaming access to the cup’s 49 matches in February and March for $99.99. [More]

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FCC Fines ESPN, Viacom $1.4M For Improper Use Of Emergency Alert Tones

Hearing the emergency alert warning tones blaring from your television typically makes you take immediate notice (and immediately hit the Mute button). So when a broadcaster allows a commercial or program to air similar sounds without an actual emergency occurring, they could be on the receiving end of a pretty big fine from federal regulators. [More]

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Some ESPN Customers Missed First Hour Of Streaming Rose Bowl Coverage Because Of Server Problems

If you were one of the people left wondering what was going on during the first hour of the Rose Bowl while the WatchESPN app wasn’t working, you weren’t alone. ESPN is now blaming what it calls a “technical issue” with its servers for the streaming outage, which lasted at least an hour for some folks and persisted longer than that into the college playoff game for others. [More]

While AT&T, Comcast, Charter, Dish, TWC, Cablevision, FiOS, and countless more have access to WatchESPN, DirecTV customers won't get it until "early 2015."

DirecTV Customers Will Finally Get Access To WatchESPN

More than four years after cable sports powerhouse ESPN launched its WatchESPN streaming service, DirecTV remains the only major pay-TV provider whose subscribers are unable to access it. But thanks to a new deal between the satellite company and ESPN’s parent company Disney, DirecTV customers will finally be able to get more value out of the most expensive channel on basic cable. [More]

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Guy Shown Sleeping On ESPN Broadcast During Yankees-Red Sox Game Sues For Defamation

While yes, sporting events are the most important, serious endeavor and should be approached only with the utmost in respect and deepest reverence, sometimes things happen. Sometimes you need a nap, even during a game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. But one fan says the Yankees, ESPN, its announcers and a Major League Baseball organization defamed him by broadcasting his snooze on-air, allegedly calling him “fatty, unintelligent” and “stupid.” [More]

Dish & Disney Jump Into Bed Together With Deal That Limits DVR Ad Skipping On ABC Shows

Dish & Disney Jump Into Bed Together With Deal That Limits DVR Ad Skipping On ABC Shows

While broadcasters have been grumbling over and fighting against Dish Network’s ad-skipping DVR in court, at least one company is getting awfully cozy with Dish. Walt Disney Co. signed a long-term deal with Dish to curtail the use of Hopper for ABC shows, the two companies confirmed last night. [More]

FCC To TV Companies: You Can’t Broadcast Emergency Alert Tones If It’s Not An Emergency

FCC To TV Companies: You Can’t Broadcast Emergency Alert Tones If It’s Not An Emergency

The thing about the Emergency Alert System is that it’s only supposed to be used to alert people when there’s an actual emergency. So anyone viewing the trailer for 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen might’ve been alarmed to hear those telltale tones along with “This is not a test” — at least until Gerard Butler’s face hits the screen. [More]

NFL Wants More Thursday Night Games

NFL Wants More Thursday Night Games

Now that the NFL has expanded Thursday Night Football on its NFL Network to 13 weeks of the season, establishing the weeknight as an accepted (grudgingly, by some) part of the weekly pro football schedule, the league is reportedly looking to find another broadcaster to carry additional games on Thursdays. [More]

An extended dispute between Disney and Dish could lead to a blackout of ESPN and ABC.

Dish Customers, Prepare For Potential ESPN (And ABC, Disney) Blackout

UPDATE: As expected, the two parties reached an 11th hour agreement to extend the talks past the Monday deadline. No details were provided about when an actual deal would need to be reached in order to avoid the blackout. [More]


3 Reasons Why ESPN 3D Is Going Off The Air

In what will come as sad news to about 26 of you out there, ESPN has decided to close up shop on its comin’-at-ya! sports channel ESPN 3D, citing low viewer demand. [More]


Why We’re Praying That ESPN Does Not Begin Subsidizing Wireless Plans

For the last couple years, some in the wireless industry have been pushing for providers of data-heavy content to subsidize users’ wireless plans in order to guarantee that subscribers don’t hit their monthly usage caps. Apparently, ESPN is mulling over whether it wants to go that route, but we really hope they don’t. [More]

Why Is It Taking So *&%# Long To Get Good 3D Content On TV?

Why Is It Taking So *&%# Long To Get Good 3D Content On TV?

Anyone who owns a 3D TV probably knows that there is not exactly an overwhelming amount of 3D programming available to merit putting on the glasses. The media and manufacturers keep saying that 3D is the next big thing to be coming-at-ya, but will there ever be content that justifies buying a 3D TV? [More]