Bogus Credit Card Charges Look Like They Were Made With Chip-Enabled Cards

Bogus Credit Card Charges Look Like They Were Made With Chip-Enabled Cards

As banks begin rolling out new credit cards embedded with microchips intended to help prevent fraudulent use, some financial institutions are reportedly seeing a spike in bogus transaction charges that appear to be coming from these newer cards, even though chip-enabled cards have yet to be sent out. [More]

Here’s Another Near-Invisible Card Skimmer Found On A European ATM

(Krebs on Security)

On the right of this photo is a 1-euro coin, which is more or less the size of a U.S. dollar coin. On the left is a super-thin skimmer recovered from the card-reader slot of an ATM in Europe. Powered by a watch battery, it was only found when the ATM displayed a “fatal error” message and a technician came by to figure out what was wrong. [More]

(Ciaran McGuiggan)

Your New Credit Card Is Already Waiting Inside This Secret Facility

Sure, credit card issuers, including Target, aim to get us all using chip-and-PIN (EMV) credit and debit cards sometime next year. They will make our transactions more secure, and maybe we’ll be less likely to get our digits stolen in a catastrophic data breach. Here’s one question that you may not have thought to ask, though: where do these cards actually come from? [More]

(Philip Taylor PT)

Massive Data Breaches Could Lead To Americans Finally Getting Smarter Credit Cards

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony today from Target’s chief financial officer about the massive data breach that hit the company during the holiday shopping season last year. [More]