These are old emojis.

Proponents Of Hot Dog Emoji Totally Disappointed With List Of 250 New Characters

Yesterday, the Unicode Consortium thrilled users of that modern hieroglyphic language iPhone users are obsessed with by announcing 250 new emoji. But if you were hoping for a hot dog emoji, or heck, even a taco, you’ll be sorely disappointed. There is a “Reversed hand with middle finger extended” that might come in hand to express yourself right about now. [More]

Look at that smug hamburger.

Demanding Texters Want To Know: Why Isn’t There A Hot Dog Emoji?

Because humans cannot possibly restrict themselves to traditional languages to express all the glories of life, emjois have become a popular form of communication on social media and in text messages. Much like the ancient Egyptians, many of us prefer to speak in hieroglyphs. But if you want to discuss your overwhelming love of hot dogs, or unicorns or bacon — there are no emojis for that. Why not? [More]