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Alaska Airlines Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Employee Fell Asleep In Cargo Hold

In the last year, a number of people have attempted – sometimes successfully – to stow away in different areas of airplanes to catch a free ride. On Monday, a ramp agent for Alaska Airlines inadvertently became a stowaway when he fell asleep in the plane’s cargo hold, causing the plane to initiate an emergency landing after just 14 minutes in the air. [More]

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Allegedly Drunk Man Allegedly Lighting Up In Plane Bathroom Prompts Emergency Landing

There’s the guy sitting next to you who allegedly has such bad breath you allegedly can’t breathe out of your nose, and then there are the more serious kind of claims. Allegations are flying over in Australia, after Qantas airlines says a(n allegedly) drunk passenger (allegedly) lit up a cigarette in an airplane bathroom on a flight from Sydney to Japan, prompting an emergency landing that cost the airline $120,000. [More]