Google opened its first branded retail store in London today.

Google’s First Branded Retail Store Opens In London

Move over Apple and Microsoft, there’s another tech company taking its products to the retail floor with its own branded store: Google. [More]

Never throw away the box if you have a cat. (Jan Giesen)

Should You Keep The Box For Your New Gadget? Maybe

We’ve already established today that when you buy a new gadget at a brick-and-mortar store, you should tear open the box before leaving to ensure that it contains the thing that you paid for. Once you get your new toy and its box home, though, how long should you keep it? That depends on a few factors. [More]

The NRDC provides a one-page handout that helps explain all the steps to your energy saving needs.

Don’t Let The New Gadgets Santa Brought Be A Drain On Your Electricty

The holidays are filled with spirit, joy and tons of the latest electronic gadgets under the Christmas tree. While these gifts might have not cost you anything, they could certainly end up hitting you in the wallet when the electric bills come. There are a few things you can do to reduce the impact your new toys will have on your energy expenses. [More]

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Group Of 20 Thieves Hit Samsung Factory, Grab Millions Worth Of Electronics

Like one of those heist movies starring a well-dressed, smirking George Clooney and his BFF Brad Pitt, a group of about 20 thieves overpowered workers at a Samsung factory in Brazil and managed to make off with about 40,000 phones, tablets, computers and other electronics. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Must Wait Until January 30, 2007 To Sell This Computer

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Must Wait Until January 30, 2007 To Sell This Computer

All over the world, in dusty corners of discount stores and warehouses, retail antiquities are waiting for someone to discover them. These tiny pockets of obsolete, comically overpriced technology are the purview of the Raiders of the Lost Walmart, a group who tirelessly search for these artifacts, then send pictures of them to Consumerist. This week, they uncovered two fascinating treasures. [More]

Samsung Needs To Stop With The Sexist Marketing Already

Samsung Needs To Stop With The Sexist Marketing Already

Okay, the electronics industry in general isn’t known for its commitment to progressive views on gender. As Samsung has become a global brand, though, people are noticing the subtle and not-at-all subtle sexism of their advertising. [More]

Dyson Bladeless Heaters Recalled Because A Fire Is Too Much Heat

Dyson Bladeless Heaters Recalled Because A Fire Is Too Much Heat

We know that a lot of our readers are fans of Dyson vacuums, but we aren’t sure whether any of you are into their air multipliers, which are totally not mini-portals to a distant dimension. Someone out there is, because they’ve expanded the line to include portable heaters. Some of these units have been heating a little too much lately, and 380,000 of them have been recalled in North America. [More]


3 Years Is The Warranty Length, Not How Long It Should Take To Get Your Computer Back

The state of California has pretty good consumer protections, but not when it comes to extended warranties. That’s what a family who bought a laptop computer at Fry’s learned after a planned five-week repair of an HP laptop ended up taking three months. Three months? [More]

Stupid Shipping Gang Takes Over Newegg, Sends Cables In Huge Boxes

Stupid Shipping Gang Takes Over Newegg, Sends Cables In Huge Boxes

Matthew writes that he ordered one HDMI cable from Newegg, and got a box large enough to fit at least a dozen more. You could throw in a laptop computer without too much trouble, too, even though he only set his 15″ Macbook on top of the box to give us a sense of scale. [More]

(las - initially) This woman could be a crazy ant target.

The Crazy Ants Are Coming And They Want To Get All Up In Your Electronics

Upon first reading of the words “crazy ants,” one might think that is not a real thing — perhaps it’s just someone being like, “You’re so crazy, ants!” Alas, crazy ants are a real species — Nylanderia fulva — currently swarming all up in the Gulf Coast states’ business, and they present a very real problem for your electronics. [More]


How To Not Kill Every Rechargeable Battery You Own

It seems like every device we use, from toothbrushes to mobile phones, has some kind of rechargeable battery in it now. I mean, seriously, toothbrushes? Prolonging the battery life means prolonging the useful life of your gadget. Are there things you can do that would wreak havoc with the millions of microscopic hamsters inside the battery that power your laptop? [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Find MP3 Player From 2005 Marked Down To Only $100

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Find MP3 Player From 2005 Marked Down To Only $100

Exploring the clearance section of his local Walmart, Eric made a rare and fascinating discovery. Well, as we’ve learned on this site, not all that rare, but it is pretty fascinating to see an electronic gadget that’s around eight years old sitting on the shelf, marked down on “clearance” to a comically high price. [More]

Beats Headphones Are Worth The Price, Depending On What You Want To Pay For

Beats Headphones Are Worth The Price, Depending On What You Want To Pay For

Do you want a set of nice headphones? Do you want a set of headphones endorsed by Dr. Dre? If the answer to both of those questions is “yes,” then perhaps Beats headphones are for you. The question, as it is with many luxury brands, is whether you want to spend $300 for a pair of headphones, and why. [More]


Do you turn your printer off when you’re not using it? You might be wasting electricity…and ink. Our watt-measuring colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports Electronics note that letting your printer enter standby mode often uses less power than turning it off or on. For inkjet printers, the toll also includes ink: some models slorp a bit more ink when priming the jets to print when you turn the printer on rather than letting it wake up from standby mode. [Consumer Reports Electronics]

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Should You Take Back That GPS You Got For Christmas?

You might have ripped the wrapping paper off a shiny new GPS unit earlier this week, but should you keep it? A well-meaning loved one might have bought you a new one this week, but that doesn’t mean that they chose the best one for your needs or that you should keep it. How do you know whether the unit you have is the best for you? If only there were an entity out there that tested different models side-by-side and published the results…Oh, right, that would be our elder sister publication, Consumer Reports! [More]

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If You Buy An iPad In A Gas Station Don’t Be Surprised If It Turns Out To Be A Picture Frame

Here at Consumerist we like to keep our readers in the loop about schemes, cheats and tricks we hear about so you don’t end up as a victim. Unfortunately for a few wannabe iPad owners, they apparently hadn’t heard the story of the woman who bought one of the tablets at a gas station only to find out she’d really purchased a mirror. A couple unsuspecting consumers in Miami were looking for cheap electronics, but they ended up with picture frames after dealing with strangers at a gas station. [More]


I Can’t Get Sam’s Club To Take My Money

Rhoda wanted to get the new Halo 4 edition of the Xbox 360, and she wanted to get it from Sam’s Club. Presumably, she’s a member, and she says that she has ordered online from Sam’s before. But something about this transaction made the store’s computers unhappy, and the order wouldn’t go through. She called up the company to verify the order and tried again, only to face even more rejection. [More]

Staples, Where ‘Item In Stock’ Means ‘Meh, I Don’t Feel Like It’

Staples, Where ‘Item In Stock’ Means ‘Meh, I Don’t Feel Like It’

Perhaps irrationally, Robert thought that because the Staples website said that the tablet he desired was “in stock” at the nearest Staples store, that meant that it would be available for purchase. You can’t be too sure, so he called up the store. Yes: they had three tablets! Score! He drove to the store to bring home his precious, precious Nexus 7. The very same employee he had spoken to on the phone dispatched someone to get the tablet, and he was told that there were none in stock. [More]