Tesla: Refer A Friend, Get $1,000 Off A $70,000 Model S

Tesla: Refer A Friend, Get $1,000 Off A $70,000 Model S

In the market for an electric car, but the high price tag scaring you away? Would $1,000 off be enough to spur you to purchase that $70,000-plus vehicle? That’s apparently what Tesla’s betting on. [More]

Tesla Predicts One Million Vehicles By 2020, Including Model 3 ‘Family’ Of Cars

Tesla Predicts One Million Vehicles By 2020, Including Model 3 ‘Family’ Of Cars

While it’s currently uncommon to spot a Tesla in the wild, the electric car company said today that it believes there could be significantly more Teslas – of varying model types – dotting roadways around the world by 2020, indicating its upcoming Model 3 will be targeted for mass market consumption.

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Tesla Faces One Last Hurdle In New Jersey After Senate Passes Bill Allowing Direct-To-Consumer Sales

A little more than a year after the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission unanimously voted to block the sale of Tesla vehicles directly to consumers, the state’s Legislature passed a bill allowing the car company to bypass auto dealerships and continue its unique model of car sales. [More]

Georgia Car Dealers Ask The State To Shut Down Tesla Store Because It Sold Too Many Cars

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It’s no secret that traditional car dealerships aren’t fans of Tesla for selling cars directly to consumers — we’ve seen quite a tussle in other states like New Jersey already, among other states — where officials have considered legislation banning direct sales. And now a group representing about 500 dealerships in Georgia wants the state to revoke Tesla’s license to sell there, too, because it’s sold too many cars already. [More]

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White House Responds To Petition Asking For Direct-To-Consumer Tesla Sales In All 50 States

While the White House will respond to any We The People petition over 100,000 signatures, that doesn’t mean that the answer is always going to be something petitioners want to hear. And in the case of the 138,469 who wanted the administration to prevent sales from banning direct-to-consumer auto sales from companies like Tesla, that reply is pretty much, “Can’t do it, that’s Congress’ thing.” [More]

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New Jersey Assembly Passes Bill That Would Allow Sale Of Tesla Vehicles

Can you feel it? The slight wind that passes over the hands of Tesla CEO Elon Musk as he rubs his hands together in anticipation of a greater glee down the road? The automaker is one step closer to getting the stamp of approval to sell its cars in New Jersey, after a bill saying as much easily passed the state Assembly. [More]

An electric bargaining chip.

Why Would Arizona Allow Direct Tesla Car Sales? To Get A Tesla Factory In The State, Of Course

While other states like New Jersey are moving to ban direct sales of Tesla cars, Arizona is mulling over the idea of allowing the automaker to cut out the middleman. So what’s different in Arizona? [More]

Goodbye Cords: Toyota Is Testing Wireless Charging Station For Hybrids, Electric Cars

Goodbye Cords: Toyota Is Testing Wireless Charging Station For Hybrids, Electric Cars

Are you the owner of an electric car? Hate finding the charging station, then having to get out and actually plug-in your car? Well, fret no more because Toyota is testing a new, easy-to-use wireless battery-charging system. [More]

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Why Should I Care About New Fuel Economy Standards? Because Money Is Nice To Have

Don’t you just loooove watching the dollars and cents tick up as the gallons slowly glug into your car’s gas tank? No you don’t, because no one likes spending large chunks of change to fuel their vehicles. And maybe hybrids or electric cars don’t have all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect. What’s a discerning, wallet-conscious consumer to do? [More]


North Carolina Drivers Could Face Additional Fee For Going Green

Driving the verdant, rolling hills of North Carolina could become just a bit more expensive for drivers in that state who use hybrid or electric cars. State legislators have proposed a bill in the Senate that would charge those drivers additional fees of $50 and $100, respectively, for registering their vehicles. But why would a state want to penalize drivers who go green? [More]

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Elon Musk Extra Cranky At NYT Tesla Review After Losing “Hundreds” Of Orders

As if he didn’t already have enough bees in his bonnet, Tesla’s Elon Musk is feeling extra crunchy at the New York Times review of his company’s electric car, claiming it caused the loss of a “few hundred” orders of the Tesla S. Those cancellations cost money, he says, and the company’s valuation has suffered by as much as $100 million. This, according to Musk. [More]

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Oh Lordy, Here’s A Bunch Of Stuff About The Tesla/New York Times Holy War

This week has seen a declaration of war between a New York Times reporter who wrote a scathing review of the  Tesla S electric car and its network of free superchargers and the company’s head honcho and “product architect” Elon Musk. Being your ever faithful servants, we thought you might like a easily-digestible recap of the recent finger-pointing activity.  [More]

Owning An Electric Vehicle Could Get You A Sweet Deal On Car Insurance

Owning An Electric Vehicle Could Get You A Sweet Deal On Car Insurance

Drivers of electric vehicles might have to hand over a bigger wad of dough to buy their cars, but it could be worth it, if they get a good deal on insurance due to their status as EV owners. It could partly be due to the fact that often, EV drivers are more careful and tend to get in less accidents. [More]

Rolls Royce Unveils $1.6 Million Electric Car

Rolls Royce Unveils $1.6 Million Electric Car

At the Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland, Rolls Royce unveiled its foray into the electric car market: The 102EX, which has zero emissions, go 0-60mph in under eight seconds and will get you 125 miles on a single charge… all for the projected price of around $1.6 million. [More]

Going Green Doesn't Always Mean Plugging In When It Comes To Cars

Going Green Doesn't Always Mean Plugging In When It Comes To Cars

You don’t have to buy a car that plugs into an outlet to be green or run on batteries, says a new scorecard of the most eco-friendly vehicles on the road. [More]

Fake Engine Sounds Being Added To Hybrids

Fake Engine Sounds Being Added To Hybrids

By the time you get around to purchasing an electric car, the New York Times writes, you may be able choose a fake engine sound for it the way you customize your phone with ringtones. Safety experts worry that the nearly silent operation of upcoming cars mean pedestrians won’t hear them sneaking up, so they’re adding artificial engine noises—and some manufacturers are considering letting owners customize the sounds.