Someone Stole More Than 200 Hens That Lay Pastel-Colored Eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs is a long-held family fun tradition, but it’s one that can be quite messy. That’s likely one of the reasons why the pastel-colored eggs laid by a specific type of hen have gained popularity in recent years. Now, a California farmer is wondering if his unusual eggs have become popular enough to be the target of thieves after finding 200 of his best egg-laying hens missing.  [More]

Eggs destined for McDonald's.

Why Is The Egg In A McMuffin Round (And Is It Even A Real Egg?)

In its latest installment of, “Don’t be freaked out by our food” videos, McDonald’s is taking on the question of whether or not it uses real eggs. Because if you’ve ever wondered or heard that the egg in a McMuffin is round because it was sliced off some kind of mechanically formed roll of egg-like stuff, you’re not alone. [More]

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Yes, You Can Freeze Milk, Eggs, And Cheese For Later Use

Yes, buying items in bulk definitely saves money, but what if you don’t use five gallons of milk per week? If you have the storage space in your freezer, it can be a good way to save trips to the store and get even more savings out of your membership to a bulk-buying club like BJ’s or Costco. [More]


Here’s Why American Stores Refrigerate Eggs While Some Other Countries Don’t

At the sight of an egg sitting on an unrefrigerated store shelf, many Americans would shudder and think, “Well, that can’t be very safe because we keep our eggs nice and chilled and America is No. 1.” But are those foreign countries wrong and are we right? How can it be safe to keep eggs either chilled or at room temperature? [More]

From Gadgets To Diners: How To Make (Or Order) The Perfect Egg Every Time


I recently poached my first egg; sounds simple enough. And yet the amount of time I spent looking up how to do it, fretting over the steps and stressing over my inevitable failure almost made the whole thing not worth it. But when I posted a photo of that sucker on social media, the hefty number of virtual back-slaps I received made it clear that I am not alone in my fear of screwing up eggs. [More]


New Law Would Give USDA Authority To Recall Contaminated Meat & Eggs

The current, vague laws regarding what constitutes “adulterated” meat, poultry or eggs have hamstrung the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, leaving the agency unsure whether it has the authority to recall food that contains drug-resistant pathogens. A new law introduced in the House today aims to clarify what constitutes “adulterated” meat, thus giving the USDA the legal standing it needs to issue much-needed recalls. [More]

Egg Company Agrees To Pay $6.8M Fine In Connection To Salmonella Outbreak That Sickened 62,000

Egg Company Agrees To Pay $6.8M Fine In Connection To Salmonella Outbreak That Sickened 62,000

Four years after tainted eggs caused a nationwide salmonella outbreak that sickened 62,000 people, the Iowa farm responsible for those ill-fated ovules has agreed to pay $6.8 million in fines for selling old eggs under false labels for years. [More]

Make Your Own Peanut Butter Eggs At Home

Make Your Own Peanut Butter Eggs At Home

The Reese’s seasonal peanut butter cup empire is now a year-round operation with hearts, pumpkins, and even footballs, but it all began with the humble peanut butter egg. What you might not know is that you can make this confection in your very own home, with ingredients that aren’t very hard to find. [More]

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If the Grinch stole the secular celebration of Christmas, who steals the secular celebration of Easter? We’re not sure, but whoever it is that would do such a thing hit Fort Myers, Florida recently, driving off with an entire truckload of eggs less than three weeks before the holiday. The truck and the eggs are still missing. [WESH]

Don’t Put Your Bread In The Fridge & Other Important Food Storage Tips

(photo: liz west)

We’ve all got a somewhat innate sense of where to store the foods we eat in our modern cultures — you’re not going to stick your ice cream in the pantry and expect it to stay frozen, or freeze your fresh apples. But what about butter — countertop or refrigerator? Should I really use that “eggs” slot on the inside of my fridge door? Answer us, oh kitchen gods! [More]

Egg Pricing At Target Doesn’t Even Pretend To Make Sense

Egg Pricing At Target Doesn’t Even Pretend To Make Sense

Reader Daniel sent us what looked like a straightforward case of fuzzy math. At his local Target, a half-dozen eggs cost 99¢, while a dozen of the same exact eggs cost $2.09. Or do they? [More]

Are These Easter Ice Creams At Walmart Very Late Or Very Early?

Are These Easter Ice Creams At Walmart Very Late Or Very Early?

Update: Mystery solved. At this point in the year, we can’t be sure whether an Easter item still on store shelves is early for Easter or just lingering months after the holiday. That’s the mystery of the Mounds Eggs that Micah found on the shelves of a Walmart in Georgia. [More]

Get McDonald’s To Replace That Folded Egg Thing With The Real Deal Just By Asking

The folded egg-like thing on the biscuit sandwich (left) can be replaced by the fresh-cooked egg usually reserved for the McMuffin. (Photos: Morton Fox, Morton Fox)

Just about everyone knows that the fresh-cooked egg on an Egg McMuffin is superior to the squarish, folded yellow thing you find on other breakfast items under the Golden Arches. But not everyone knows that you don’t have to take the lesser egg option just because you’re not going the McMuffin route. [More]

Just in time for Easter!

You Need An Automatic Egg Tube On A Stick Maker

If there’s anything that I need in my life, it’s eggs cooked in a flexible tube like a sausage without casing. Here I am, cooking my eggs in a frying pan like a sucker. Then I learned about the Rollie. [More]


Egg Company Finally Unites Industry Terms “Chick” & “Laid” In Genius Marketing Move

So you know how like, women are sometimes referred to as “chicks,” and then also so are baby chickens? Well someone has finally had the marketing smarts to unite the two in what is a pretty chuckle-worthy company identity. Of course that company sells eggs that are “locally laid.” Get it? [More]

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8 Horrifying Things We Learned From Bloomberg Report On Inept, Ineffective Food Inspectors

During recent mass recalls of eggs and cantaloupe because of salmonella and listeria contamination, you heard a lot about FDA inspectors not catching this or that, and “How could no one notice all that filth?” Now a new report in Bloomberg Markets Magazine sheds a huge light at the sad state of food inspection in the U.S. [More]

How To Tell If An Egg Is Still Good Enough To Eat

How To Tell If An Egg Is Still Good Enough To Eat

Your Friday may not be so good if you eat a bad egg. If you’ve dug up some old eggs in the refrigerator and no longer have the expiration date handy, you’ll face the decision of whether to throw out your eggs or try your luck by cooking them. [More]

Motley Crew Of Celebrities Complains To McDonald's About Egg Suppliers

Motley Crew Of Celebrities Complains To McDonald's About Egg Suppliers

Less than a month after McDonald’s dropped one of its largest egg suppliers over concerns about conditions at the facility, a group of celebrities — ranging from bona fide stars to “oh yeah… them” on the fame scale — has penned a letter to Jim Skinner, CEO of the fast food giant, about what they view as inhumane treatment of chickens at egg farms used by the Golden Arches. [More]