We’ll Have Six Single Bagels, Please

We’ll Have Six Single Bagels, Please

Brian noticed something interesting on the menu at his local Dunkin’ Donuts. While customers can buy a single bagel for 99 cents, they’re slightly more expensive by the half dozen. [More]

Dunkin’ Donuts Exec Commits Food Heresy, Predicts “Sausage Will Be The New Bacon”

Dunkin’ Donuts Exec Commits Food Heresy, Predicts “Sausage Will Be The New Bacon”

Now I enjoy sausage just as much, maybe even more, than the average meat-eater, but no matter what form it takes — breakfast sausage, bratwurst, chorizo, andouille, kielbasa, etc. — sausage just isn’t bacon, which can be laid atop, wrapped around, and crumbled into just about any dish with good results. But one Dunkin’ Donuts exec believes there is truly untapped potential in the sausage. [More]

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Unclear Whether Ex-Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Accused Of 20 Robberies Was After Donuts

We can understand that there’s a temptation to sneak a little extra something for yourself on the side when you work somewhere that has so much bounty — oh wait, stealing money? Thought this Dunkin’ Donuts robbery story was about pilfering doughnuts, hmm. Money, that’s somewhat of a different issue. [More]

Red Velvet Latte And Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Coming From Dunkin’ Donuts

Red Velvet Latte And Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Coming From Dunkin’ Donuts

Everyone wants to celebrate the winter holidays with comfort, cheer, and a generous dose of red food coloring. In that spirit, Dunkin’ Donuts will introduce two new seasonal drinks next week: the red velvet latte, and a salted caramel hot chocolate. [More]


Sunday Is National Coffee Day, Which Means Free Coffee If You Know Where To Look

You may scoff at the notion of “National Coffee Day,” but it’s one of the few holidays that (A) doesn’t require you to buy a card, throw a party, or decorate, and (B) results in free coffee for people willing to seek it out. [More]

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Caramel In Your Coffee Instead Of Vanilla Is Not A Reason To Assault A Dunkin’ Donuts Worker

Because we here at Consumerist want the world to be a place full of smooth sailing and breezy smiles all around, here is some actionable advice: If something is wrong with your order at Dunkin’ Donuts, or any other food establishment, the first thing to do is say, “Pardon me, but there appears to be a mistake. This isn’t what I ordered, could you please redo it?” Do not, under any circumstances, get violent. [More]

I'd eat that.

Can’t Get A Cronut Stateside? Try The Dunkin’ Donuts Knockoff… In South Korea

While we’re sure the rest of the country isn’t lathering itself up into a glazed frenzy over the ultra hip culinary must-have in New York City — the so-called “cronut,” a hybrid croissant/doughnut that sells out lickety-split each and every day — if you’re into that kind of thing, you can find it elsewhere. In Asia though, so hope you’ve got your miles saved up. [More]

Here’s Video Of A Car Crashing Into A Dunkin’ Donuts

Here’s Video Of A Car Crashing Into A Dunkin’ Donuts

Starting to feel the midday drag? Here’s a little video to wake you up, and make you glad that you were not the driver of the car that crashed into a Philadelphia Dunkin’ Donuts yesterday. [More]

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Is The New Donut, Bacon, And Egg Sandwich At Dunkin’ Donuts Any Good? Not Really

If there’s anything we love at Consumerist, it’s feats of fast-food audacity. We’re not sure that the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich at Dunkin’ Donuts even qualifies, though. Not anymore. Sandwiches on a donut might be a departure for Dunkin’, but everyone else has been putting burgers on them for years now. Yet some brave souls had to try it for themselves and find out.  [More]


Dunkin’ Donuts Continues Westward March With First Utah Location Opening Today

Attention, everyone! The Wild West has finally been tamed. Or it’s at least about to become more caffeinated/glazed, as the very first Dunkin’ Donuts ever to stand in Utah is opening today. This, before the East Coast favorite finally marches westward into California in 2015, slinging donuts and spray coffee as it goes. [More]

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It’s Time To Make The Gluten-Free Donuts, Says Dunkin’

If you had been asked to predict which national fast-food chain would be the first to offer gluten-free products, you probably wouldn’t have picked Dunkin’ Donuts, whose very name seems like it should be covered in wheat flour, but the company says it will be selling both gluten-free donuts and muffins in all its U.S. stores. [More]

This poor guy got an earful.

9 Things We Can Never Unhear From Customer’s Dunkin’ Donuts Receipt Rant

Set your cringe muscles on “active” and stick in those earbuds, because we’re about to steer you into a very NSFW 8-minute video journey into the land of Consumers Behaving Badly. Just to remind you all once again, that there’s a whole lot of language in here that is not meant for polite company — including racial slurs toward the very end — so view with caution. [More]

As advertised on the left, the reality on the right.

Dunkin’ Donuts Celebrates National Donut Day By Selling Me A Sad Version Of Its New Sandwich

Not too long ago we were introduced to the newest breakfast sandwich to join the Dunkin’ Donuts bunch — a glazed doughnut serving as the bun, as it were, cradling eggs and bacon. Sounds about right, we thought. And hey, today is National Donut Day, so that works out in terms of promotional timing. But as is often the case, the reality of what Consumerist reader Howard ordered is, at least by appearances, a far cry from what is advertised. [More]

Thankfully, the incident was caught on camera.

Shirtless Customer Walks Into Dunkin’ Donuts, Rips Shirt Off Employee’s Back

Police in Berks County, PA, are on the lookout for a Dunkin’ Donuts customer who strode into the store without a shirt on and then helped himself to a shirt that was being worn by a DD employee at the time. [More]

New kid on the breakfast block.

Dunkin’ Donuts Unleashing Bacon & Egg Doughnut Sandwich On Waistlines Nationwide

How many times have you stared at a doughnut, bacon and eggs and bemoaned the fact that the three items weren’t all together in some kind of stack situation you could put in your mouth in the morning? Rest your worried head, dear readers, on the squishy glazed pillow of Dunkin’ Donuts new doughnut breakfast sandwich, rolling out nationwide this week. [More]

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Threatening To Rob A Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Who Has Access To Hot Coffee Ends Predictably

Not every fast food restaurant employee has weapons available to thwart robberies, but at a place like Dunkin’ Donuts there’s one very hot, effective tool at hand. Yes, coffee. Hot, steaming, flying through the air at your face coffee. [More]

This marks Dunkin's second go at opening California stores, following a failed attempt in the late '90s.

Southern California To Finally Get Dunkin’ Donuts… In 2015

For those of us in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, Dunkin’ Donuts has been a part of the fast food landscape for decades. Meanwhile, to many folks in sunny Southern California, Dunkin’ was something you occasionally had while on a business trip to New Jersey. But that is going to change in the not-terribly-distant future. [More]


Dunkin’ Donuts Can’t Trademark “Best Coffee In America”

People might love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee — some might even say it’s the best around, and no one is saying the donut chain can’t call its brew America’s best. Regardless, DD’s application to trademark the phrase “Best Coffee in America” has been nixed for now. [More]