Woman Spots Wedding Dress Given Up For Lost During Hurricane Sandy In Dry Cleaner’s Window

When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast in the fall of 2012, a Staten Island woman who had her wedding dress at a local dry cleaners figured her gown was gone — the store was destroyed and has been closed for almost two years. But it turns out the only thing in the store that survived the storm was her dress — which she spotted in the window of the store when it finally reopened — in a new location. [More]

My Dry Cleaner Thinks My Last Name Is 'Asshole'

My Dry Cleaner Thinks My Last Name Is 'Asshole'

When Alex dropped his clothes off at his dry cleaner for washing, he received a ticket for when he returned to pick them up. He didn’t glance at the ticket until after he left the shop, and was surprised to learn that an unknown employee had dubbed him “Asshole, Alex.” Were they commenting on his behavior as a customer, or was it some kind of terrible phonetic mistake? [More]

Despite Winning $54 Million Pants Lawsuit, Drycleaner Shutters

Despite Winning $54 Million Pants Lawsuit, Drycleaner Shutters

The ordeal of battling the $54 million lawsuit over a pair of pants finally got to the DC drycleaners and they’ve closed up shop.