A Mississippi man claims he received a half-eaten muffin covered in jelly from a local McDonald's restaurant.

Man Claims Mississippi McDonald’s Served Him Half-Eaten, Jelly Covered Muffin Instead Of Sausage Biscuit

When you order a sausage biscuit from McDonald’s, it’s fairly reasonable to expect you’ll actually receive a sausage biscuit in your drive-thru bag. What a Mississippi man claims came in his bag, however, was a half-eaten English muffin with jelly – no sausage biscuit in sight. [More]


Chick-Fil-A Customer Buys $1,000 Worth Of Food For Customers In Drive-Thru Line Behind Him

The one and only time it’s probably great to still be in the drive-thru line instead of already through it? When someone in front of you decides to shell out $1,000 to pay for the orders of all the strangers in line behind him, like one generous Chick-fil-A customer did this week. [More]


Michigan Funeral Home Installs Drive-Thru Viewing Window

The convenience of a drive-thru window is obvious, but one usually thinks of banks or fast food chains that use them for the ease of customers on the go. And not, as one funeral home is doing in Michigan, a drive-thru viewing window for visiting the deceased. But then again, why not? [More]

McDonald’s Service Complaints End In Two OWI Arrests In One Day

McDonald’s Service Complaints End In Two OWI Arrests In One Day

We’re not sure if a Wisconsin McDonald’s restaurant truly has terrible service standards or if it’s just a hotbed for drunk men. [More]

Even Alligators Have Cravings For McDonald’s Sometimes

Even Alligators Have Cravings For McDonald’s Sometimes

We’re sure McDonald’s employees have seen all kinds of characters come through the drive-thru: there was the drunk guy who fell asleep and then the person who punched another customer in the face for cutting in line. But a recent incident at a Texas McDonald’s was a little more reptilian in nature – and all kinds of weird. [More]

Man Falls Asleep At Wendy’s Drive Thru, Wakes Up To DUI And No Fries

Man Falls Asleep At Wendy’s Drive Thru, Wakes Up To DUI And No Fries

Maybe he was just waiting for a fresh order of french fries? Or perhaps he was just too sloshed to remember that the local Wendy’s drive-thru wasn’t a hotel. Either way, we should probably just be happy he parked his car and didn’t ram it into the building three times. [More]

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Chick-Fil-A Pay-It-Forward Chain In Florida Lasts For 36 Cars

Very few things other than kittens warm the cold, hard hearts of Consumerist editors like in-store pay-it-forward chains. You know, where each customer in a drive-thru line offers to pay the bill of the person behind them in line. This miffs some people, but most take it in the spirit of community and awesomeness with which it’s intended. It’s happened yet again, at a Chick-Fil-A in Florida. [More]


Do Not Punch Someone For Cutting You In Line At The McDonald’s Drive-Thru

I’m thinking it might be a good idea to just put together a Drive-Thru Customer’s Bill of Rights, wherein all parties agree that in exchange for receiving food through a window, good manners are required. And by good manners I mean not punching your fellow customers in the face, no matter the reason. [More]

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The Longest In-N-Out Drive-Thru Lines, As Seen From Space

We hear that In-N-Out is a very popular burger-slinging establishment. We’ll take its fans at their word, because we don’t believe in leaving the East Coast. What we do know is that the combination of tasty burgers and car culture leads to such long drive-thru lines that you can see them from space. [More]

Starbucks Pay-It-Forward Chain Continues For 1,468 Customers

Starbucks Pay-It-Forward Chain Continues For 1,468 Customers

We were impressed when we learned that 450 Starbucks customers in Connecticut paid for the order of the next person in line in a multiple-day chain of generosity. Today, we learned that the chain ultimately continued for a thousand more drive-thru customers, spanning a few days after Christmas. [More]

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450 Starbucks Drive-Thru Patrons Pay For The Next Customer’s Order

At a Starbucks in Connecticut, almost 450 drive-thru customers set off a chain reaction of caffeine and generosity over Christmas. A mysterious customer started the chain early on Tuesday, and it kept going until this morning. The store opened with $45 in the pay-it-forward fund this morning. [More]

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McDonald’s Customers Order Breakfast, Get Sack Of Cash Instead

After all those times you’ve gotten home and realized that you got the wrong or incomplete order from the fast food drive-thru, it’s always a minor triumph when you find out you accidentally received an extra order of fries, or even an additional dipping sauce or two. But what if that happy accident wasn’t extra food, but thousands of dollars in cash? [More]

McDonald’s Adding A Third Window To Drive-Thru To Push Orders Through Faster

McDonald’s Adding A Third Window To Drive-Thru To Push Orders Through Faster

McDonald’s reputation as the slow, lumbering fast food dinosaur who’s nowhere near the lead in the drive-thru race is apparently bothering it enough to redesign its ordering system. Instead of the usual two windows — one for ordering, one for pick-up — there will now be a third window to send cars to if their orders are clogging up the works. [More]


Drive-Thru Prank Proves Skeletons Can Still Make Adults Shriek Like Scared Little Kids

The drive-thru lane is no stranger to pranks — from Batman stealing customers’ grub to pranksters hacking into the system to scream obscenities at customers — but this particular brand of joke is pretty darn good. Mostly because it makes grown adults disintegrate into shrieking, terrified little children. [More]

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Man Asleep In McDonald’s Drive-Thru Lane Probably Just Didn’t Want To Miss Breakfast

Any night owl knows what a challenge it can be staying up late doing this that and the other thing, only to awaken at 10:27 the next morning craving McDonald’s breakfast. It’s a mad dash to the drive-thru at that point, a hectic ordeal we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. Maybe that’s why a guy was found slumbering sweetly in the Mickey D’s drive-thru lane — perhaps he was just getting in line for breakfast so as not to miss it? [More]


Don’t Block The McDonald’s Drive-Thru Just Because You Can’t Get Free Breakfast

We understand that it can be annoying when you have a craving for a certain fast food item, only to realize it isn’t available because of time constraints. But police say an intoxicated woman took that a few steps too far by blocking the McDonald’s drive-thru early Sunday morning in her quest for Big Macs, or at least, a free breakfast. [More]

Have We Reached A Saturation Point On Drive-Thrus?

Have We Reached A Saturation Point On Drive-Thrus?

Depending on where you live, you can get anything from food to cash to drugs (prescription) to liquor and porn via a drive-thru window. But is it possible that we may be experiencing diminishing returns on these supposedly convenient services? [More]

Escaped Cow Visits McDonald's Drive-Thru, Ponders Circle Of Life

Escaped Cow Visits McDonald's Drive-Thru, Ponders Circle Of Life

If you’re an attentive reader of this site, you know that people are always bringing inappropriate things to fast-food drive-thrus, hoping to get served. Mobility scooters. Snakes. Even pedestrians have tried and failed to acquire food. But when Darcy wandered up to the drive-thru window at a Colorado McDonald’s on foot, employees didn’t just wearily tell her to go inside the restaurant to order like all of the other pedestrians. That’s because Darcy is a dairy cow. [More]