Study: Wine Drinkers Often Have Heavier Hands When Pouring For Themselves

There’s a condition often suffered by wine drinkers, one that I always attributed to the fact that my skeleton is made of Osmium, wherein your hand becomes so heavy that before you know it, there’s quite a large serving of wine in the glass. The only way to resolve that situation is of course, to drink it. But it turns out not everyone has dense hand bones, says a new study, wine drinkers just tend to be the over-serving sort when pouring for themselves. [More]

Even weirdos in wizard beards gotta eat.

Cops: Man Used Guests’ Credit Cards In Order To Live The High Life At Luxury Hotels

Can’t afford to stay in the priciest hotels, order the swankiest room service and wash your hands with the nicest-smelling fancy soaps? Don’t use other guests’ credit cards to make your dreams come true, as cops say one homeless man did. He was busted for allegedly posing as guests at luxury hotels and going on spending sprees at the expense of his victims. [More]