Gillette Suing Dollar Shave Club Claiming Razor Subscription Service Infringes On Its Patents

With all those lumbersexuals and their bushy beards taking a big cut out of the razor business, it’s no surprise that competition is fierce. In an effort to protect its slice of the market, Gillette is suing online subscription razor service Dollar Shave Club for violation of intellectual property. [More]

Toilet paper takes toooo long, says Dubin.

Dollar Shave Club Turns To The Other Cheeks With New Butt-Wipe Memberships

For those unfamiliar with Dollar Shave Club, it’s a young whippersnapper of a company that’s been cleaning up in the U.S. razor market since its debut about a year ago. Its business plan includes various tiers of membership packages, with subscribers receiving packages of razors every month. The company is now turning to your other cheeks with the introduction of One Wipe Charlies which yes, are wipes for your butt. [More]

The ad that ate the Internet.

Dollar Shave Club Replaces Lost Handle, No Questions Asked, Wins Customer Over

Consumerist reader Mark signed up for Dollar Shave Club after catching the razor subscription service’s ad that devoured the Internet earlier this year. Since then he’s been satisfied with his decision, but it’s how the company responded to his minor problem that has Mark saying he’s sticking with the service forever. [More]

Dollar Shave Club Lures Customers With Cheap Razors & Cheeky Ad

Dollar Shave Club Lures Customers With Cheap Razors & Cheeky Ad

We get it — the YouTube ad for Dollar Shave Club is sweeping the Internets, popping up on the Facebook page of everyone you know. While it’s not the absolute funniest or most original ad of its ilk (remember the Old Spice Guy’s continuous shot thing?), it’s causing quite a stir. Oh and yes, you can actually get razors for a dollar(ish) every month. [More]