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Neighborhood Residents Can’t Get Mail Delivered Because Of One Chihuahua

In the latest round of that ancient fight between man and beast that is the tense relationship mail carriers have with residents’ dogs, a Chihuahua (to be fair, a Chihuahua mix) is effectively holding one neighborhood hostage. The United States Postal Service says the local mail carrier can’t deliver mail to a block in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, because the little dog’s reign of terror makes it impossible to do so. [More]

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A Friendly Reminder For Those In States With Legal Pot: Keep Your Edibles Away From Pets

Just think about how much people food your dog could put away if given unfettered access to the kitchen. Now imagine you live in Washington or Colorado, where it’s legal to have edibles — cookies, butters, oils, bread, whathaveyou — infused with marijuana. Cue really important lesson for pet owners to keep the pot from your pooch. [More]

You can dress like your dog. Or is your dog dressing like you?

Sorry, But New “American Beagle Outfitters” Line Is Probably An April Fool’s Joke

We’re generally fans of big companies pulling April Fool’s jokes — who can get mad when there’s laughter involved? But it’s kind of waste of a perfectly good pun for American Eagle Outfitter’s new “American Beagle” line that we’re pretty sure will turn out to just be an April Fool’s stunt. [More]


Tibetan Mastiff Puppy That Sold For $2 Million Could Be Most Expensive Dog Ever Bought

So you call yourself a dog lover, huh? You’ve got pics of your favorite pup all over social media, a doggie closet full of outfits and a tendency to speak in the third person around Rover. But would you spend $2 million to have the perfect pooch? [More]

One of the Sergeant's products containing propoxur.

Flea Collar Makers Agree To Eventually Phase Out Collars Containing Toxic Chemical

Facing a lawsuit for allowing manufacturers to produce flea collars containing a pesticide that is a known neurotoxin and carcinogen, the folks at the Environmental Protection Agency, along with two major pet product companies, have agreed to phase out these controversial collars over the next few years. [More]

Dog Owners Beware: Someone Is Leaving Poisoned Meatballs On San Francisco Streets

Dog Owners Beware: Someone Is Leaving Poisoned Meatballs On San Francisco Streets

The stuff dogs tend to pick up on the street is bad enough — really? That nasty container of gnawed up wings is tempting? — but to make matters worse, someone in San Francisco is putting out poisoned meatballs, threatening any dog with a nose and a taste for meat. So, basically, all dogs. [More]

United Leaves Dog Bleeding & Sick, Won’t Pay Vet Bill Unless Passenger Agrees To Hush Up

United Leaves Dog Bleeding & Sick, Won’t Pay Vet Bill Unless Passenger Agrees To Hush Up

So the airline mistreats your beloved pet and you end up with thousands of dollars in veterinary expenses to keep the dog alive. Eventually the airline agrees to cover those vet bills, but only if you agree to not say anything publicly about what happened. What do you do? [More]

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Legally Blind Man And Service Dog Kicked Off Plane Before Takeoff

It’s bad enough being stuck on an indefinitely-delayed plane when you’re a human who can play with an iPad or enjoy a book or something, but imagine being in that situation as a dog. Even the best-trained service dog must get tired of being crammed under a seat. When one guide dog became restless while a US Airways Express flight waited to take off, he and his owner were kicked off the flight. [More]

Air Canada Loses Dog, PR Guy Sends Dismissive E-mail To Reporters

Air Canada Loses Dog, PR Guy Sends Dismissive E-mail To Reporters

Everyone in the news business knows that people love stories about animals. Is it the opportunity to gaze at photos of furry faces? A sign of the ultimate decline of American civilization? Probably a little of both. Larry the Italian Greyhound was flying from San Francisco to a new home in Canada when a well-meaning worker let the dog out for a walk. He ran away, and was last seen in a parking lot. [More]

Will A Pet Harness Actually Keep Your Dog (And You) Safe In A Car Crash?

In a new study looking at the durability and reliability of automobile pet harnesses, 36% of the 11 restraint systems tested failed initial strength tests, and of the seven harnesses that then went on to be subjected to an actual crash, only one showed that it would reliably keep both the dog and the vehicle’s passengers safe. [via Consumer Reports]

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Subaru Working On Canine Seat Belts Using Crash-Test Dummy Dogs

Rover McFuzzyBottoms III might like the feel of the wind in his fur as his tongue lolls out happily on a breezy car ride, but many pet advocates say it’s dangerous to have unrestrained pets in the car in the event of an accident. But it’s not like there are crash-test dummy dogs to test safety belts for pets… until now, that is. [More]

A very tiny screen shot of Amazon's listing for the Dead Dog Prop, which has since been pulled.

Walmart, Amazon & Sears Pull “Dead Dog Prop” From Online Listings Amidst Social Media Furor

Customers of Walmart.com, Sears.com and Amazon.com  have taken up social media arms today over an item sold by third-party resellers on each of the three respective sites, resulting in the “Dead Dog Prop” vanishing quickly from listings. [More]

Pearl Izumi Sorry They Said Shoes Will Run Your Dog To Death

Pearl Izumi Sorry They Said Shoes Will Run Your Dog To Death

Dogs make great running, hiking, and walking companions: they (usually) go wherever you want, keep up a good pace, alert you to nearby squirrels, and don’t try to engage in any pesky conversations. So it’s understandable that people who run with their dogs found an ad for Pearl Izumi shoes that ran in Canada offensive. It shows a man performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation on his dog, and implies that this is a good thing. [More]


iPad Classes For Dogs Are Stupid And You Should Feel Stupid

My dog has been known to paw at my iPod and smartphone, sometimes turning off the music, calling my friends, and once sending a gibberish text to one of the Consumerist bosses. I thought she was just being a dog and randomly stomping on things that I pay attention to instead of her, but there could be more to it than that. Maybe we should check out the iPad classes for dogs now offered in Manhattan. [More]

The passenger and his dog reunite after a paperwork snafu sent the canine to Hawaii.

United Airlines Sends Passenger To San Diego, Ships His Dog To Hawaii

Handing your canine companion over to an airline, even for a few hours, can be stressful. So imagine how freaked out you would feel when you arrive at the airport only to find your furry friend is nowhere to be found. [More]


American Airlines Charges Me To Carry On Dogs, Gives Me Nowhere To Put Them

Rebekah’s problem with American Airlines is very simple. She paid them extra for the privilege of bringing a pet on board. Two, actually: dogs small enough to fit under the seat. She ended up in a row with no seat in front of it and nowhere to stash her dogs, because animals don’t like the overhead bin. [More]

Ex Walmart Worker Says She Was Fired For Telling Police About Dog Stuck In Hot Truck

Ex Walmart Worker Says She Was Fired For Telling Police About Dog Stuck In Hot Truck

A woman in Ontario, Canada, says she was fired from her job at Walmart earlier this week because she called the police on a customer who had left his dog in a hot car with the windows rolled up — and after she told her boss she’d do it again. [More]


Getting Health Insurance For My Pet Was A Bad Deal. Here’s Why

Insurance is always a gamble. Pet health insurance, much like human health insurance, is a bet that your pet’s covered medical expenses over its lifetime will add up to more than the premiums you pay. Following that logic, Howard got a health insurance plan through VPI for his late pet Chihuahua, Tonka. He paid his bills faithfully and filed only a few small claims over the years, until his pet suffered from heart problems in his last six months. This is the very situation that pet owners buy insurance for. How did things work out financially? [More]