Couple Travels 7,900 Miles In 28 Hours To Visit Three Disney Theme Parks On Valentine’s Day

So you think you love Disney, huh? Do you love it enough to fly to three different Disney theme parks in one day just to snap a celebratory anniversary photo? Didn’t think so, but one couple from San Diego managed to pull it off in the name of love on Valentine’s Day. [More]

Don’t Have The Measles Vaccine? Stay Away From Disneyland (For Now)


Now that a measles outbreak linked to Disneyland and California Adventure Park has grown to 70 cases, California public health officials are warning people who haven’t yet been vaccinated against the measles to stay away from Disney’s theme parks. [More]


Health Officials Link Measles Outbreak Back To Disneyland, California Adventure Park

Some unlucky visitors to Disneyland and its adjacent California Adventure park have been bringing back more than a pair of mouse ears from vacation, health officials say in California, with a current measles outbreak getting traced back to the theme parks. Yes, people still get measles. [More]

Disneyland Visitors Stuck On Ferris Wheel For Two Hours

Disneyland Visitors Stuck On Ferris Wheel For Two Hours

When faced with annoying circumstances in life, one must simply ask how the situation could possibly get worse, and then be grateful that it’s not. So while dozens of Disneyland visitors were stuck for a few hours on a park Ferris wheel, just look at it this way: At least the ride was clear on the other side from “It’s A Small World,” meaning there was absolutely no way they had to listen to that the entire time. [More]

One Way To Stop Obnoxious Cellphone Conversations In Public? Have Your Own

One Way To Stop Obnoxious Cellphone Conversations In Public? Have Your Own

You know what’s more annoying than having to listen to an obnoxiously loud phone conversation in a public place? Trying to take part in an obnoxiously loud phone conversation while someone else is doing the same thing next to you, a lesson served on yappers at Disneyland by a comedian who of course, filmed the whole thing. [More]


It Will Now Cost You $99 To Step Foot Inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom For A Day

Less than a year after Disney last hiked its prices for the Magic Kingdom at Disney World the House of Mouse is tacking on a few extra bucks to the cost of tickets yet again. It’ll now cost anyone 10 and older $99 for a day’s admission, and kids will pay $93. [More]

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Doritos Means “Little Golden Things,” And They Were Invented At Disneyland

People might have freaked out when a Starbucks opened within the Main Street Bakery at Walt Disney World, but how soon we forget. Cross-branding is nothing new. When Disneyland opened, it featured a Mexican(ish) restaurant called Casa de Fritos run by the Frito company. It was on New Orleans Street, near another product-placement eatery: Aunt Jemima’s Pancake House. It at the Casa de Fritos that the beloved Dorito was invented. Yes, really. [More]


Disney Taking Away Line-Skipping For Disabled Guests Because Some People Are Jerks

After it was revealed that some impatient but well-heeled visitors to Disney parks were hiring disabled “tour guides” just to avoid long wait times for rides and other attractions, park operators have revised this straight-to-the-front policy with the hope of making it less attractive to opportunistic jerks. [More]

Want To Go To Disney World For The Day? That’ll Be $95. Yes, Just For You. No, That’s Not A Joke.


Over the weekend, the anthropomorphic mice-that-be at Disney greedily rubbed their four-fingered hands together and raised prices on tickets to both Disneyland and Disney World, where it will now cost an adult $95 just to step through the gates at the Magic Kingdom. [More]


Dry Ice Blast In Trash Can Freaks Everyone Out At Disneyland’s Toontown

Visitors to the happiest place on earth had a bit of a scare yesterday afternoon when a dry-ice device exploded in a trashcan in Disneyland’s Toontown. It’s one of the most popular areas of the amusement park, but cops had to hustle everyone out and close the area at around 5:30 because no one wants to be, or should be around when things are bursting in trash cans. [More]

When you wish upon a star you still aren't a Disney.

Guy Using The Last Name “Disney” Caught Giving Stolen Disneyland Tickets To Charity

Listen, if you want to go around and tell people, “Yeah, I’m related to Walt Disney,” even if it isn’t true, that’s up to you. But one man allegedly impersonating a Disney heir took that delusion to another level when he, again, allegedly, passed off stolen Disneyland tickets as the real deal. [More]


Man Who Spent 30 Minutes Trapped In ‘It’s A Small World’ At Disneyland Awarded $8K For Pain And Suffering

To be strictly accurate, the $8,000 award a man received last week was only half for pain and suffering. The other $4,000 was for a disability violation. In 2009, the ride “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland broke down, but the music didn’t stop. Most of the guests were able to escape this horror, except for one man, who is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. [More]

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Disney Parks: Mickey Mouse Ain’t Your Babysitter, Unaccompanied Kids Must Be At Least 14

For those of us who didn’t grow up near Disneyland, it sounds like we were missing out of a heck of a fun time: while parents used to be able to drop kids off at a Disney park for the day and have Mickey Mouse and friends babysit their offspring, a new admission policy requires that kids be at least 14 if they’re not with adults. [More]


Family Suing Disneyland Over Claims Park Employee Was Racist

A San Diego family is suing Disneyland, claiming that while their two children were trying to greet an employee dressed up as the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland, the worker shunned the young boys because they’re black. The alleged incident went down last August, and the family says they don’t want other children to have the same experience. [More]

Disneyland Hikes Ticket Prices As Much As 30%

Disneyland Hikes Ticket Prices As Much As 30%

Prepare to pay even more to stand in line waiting to enjoy rides. For the second time in less than a year, Disney is hiking prices at its California theme parks. The cost of tickets will increase 9% (from $80 to $87) for the humble one-day pass for guests over 10, and 30% (from $499 to $649) for annual passes that include the cost of parking. [More]

Disney Decides To Let Workers Don Beards

Disney Decides To Let Workers Don Beards

Disneyland employees no longer must choose before rocking a goatee and receiving a paycheck. Disney’s strict theme park employee grooming code has always banned beards — it’s only allowed mustaches since 2000 — but the company is overturning the rule. [More]

Disneyland Hotel Workers Face "Electronic Whip"

Disneyland Hotel Workers Face "Electronic Whip"

Above ground, Disneyland is a world of wonder and enchantment. But getting the bedsheets as tight as the smiles on the workers faces takes a lot of hard work, and it happens underground. [More]

Quadriplegic Man Sues Disney After Being Left On Stalled
"It's A Small World" Ride

Quadriplegic Man Sues Disney After Being Left On Stalled "It's A Small World" Ride

A quadriplegic man from California has filed a lawsuit against the Walt Disney Co., alleging that the staff at Disneyland did nothing to help him exit the park’s “It’s a Small World” ride when it stalled out for 40 minutes. [More]