Dish Goes Wireless With Latest Receivers

Dish Goes Wireless With Latest Receivers

At today’s CES press conference, the folks at Dish continued to push its Hopper as the big selling point of its satellite service, with new announcements of additional recording options, along with virtual and wireless DVR experiences. [More]

Universe Conspires To Make ‘This Is The End’ The Last Movie Rented From Blockbuster

Universe Conspires To Make ‘This Is The End’ The Last Movie Rented From Blockbuster

There are some events in life that coincide so perfectly, you’ve gotta wonder if the universe is just messing with us all and conspiring to make things happen just so. To wit: The very last movie rented from Blockbuster before Dish Network shuts all its stores down? This Is The End. [More]

An extended dispute between Disney and Dish could lead to a blackout of ESPN and ABC.

Dish Customers, Prepare For Potential ESPN (And ABC, Disney) Blackout

UPDATE: As expected, the two parties reached an 11th hour agreement to extend the talks past the Monday deadline. No details were provided about when an actual deal would need to be reached in order to avoid the blackout. [More]

Fortunately, Dish Network Chat Is Open More Than 2.75 Hours Per Day

Fortunately, Dish Network Chat Is Open More Than 2.75 Hours Per Day

After seeing our post where we highlighted that Walmart’s customer service chat only appeared to be open for one minute per week, Donald wrote in to show us that while Dish Network isn’t quite as bad, their chat only appeared to be open for two hours and forty-five minutes per day, seven days a week. The Walmart chat site wasn’t live, though, and the wacky hours posted at Dish aren’t real either. [More]

Dish Wins Another Battle In War Over Ad-Skipping Hopper DVR

Dish Wins Another Battle In War Over Ad-Skipping Hopper DVR

Though the legal battle between broadcasters and Dish Network over the satellite provider’s Hopper DVR — which completely skips the ad breaks on recorded, prime-time network programming — is far from over, Dish pulled out an important victory yesterday when a federal appeals panel decided not to issue a preliminary injunction against the Hopper service. [More]

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Report: Google Interested In Providing Cable TV On Internet Channels, But It Won’t Be Easy

The still waters of the cable TV industry might run deep, but if companies like Google keep splashing around in them, we might see an alternative to the traditional bundling model — but it ain’t gonna be easy. A new report says Google is entertaining the idea of possibly offering cable channels over broadband Internet connections, something that would likely meet with a major pushback from cable and satellite providers. [More]

No more missing whatever it is those Kardashians do.

Dish Network Teams Up With Southwest To Offer Free Live TV On Flights With Wi-Fi

Soaring up in the wild blue yonder in a plane can be a heady experience, but some travelers just can’t bear to not be connected to what’s happening on the ground. Keeping in mind that some fliers don’t want to fork over money to buy Wi-Fi access despite that urge to stay in touch, Southwest Airlines and Dish Network are teaming up to offer free access to live TV while in flight. [More]


Dish Network Will Never Believe That I’m Not My Ex-Roommate

James’ roommate moved in, had Dish Network service for a while, and then moved out. The roommate canceled service before moving away. Or so he thought. Despite what James tells Dish and their collection agencies, then what his ex-roomie tells Dish and their collection agencies, they continue to come after him for the account that was never his in the first place. [More]

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SoftBank Feels Secure Enough In Its Relationship With Sprint To Let It Consider Dish Deal

Sounds like someone — and by someone we mean SoftBank — is feeling pretty darn good about its burgeoning relationship with the object of its affections: Sprint Nextel got the go ahead from its current steady to take a closer look at what Dish Network is offering it in a rival deal. [More]


Sprint Pushing FCC To Approve SoftBank Deal While It’s Still Totally Dating Dish Network

Sprint, we didn’t know you were such a player on the dating scene. While the company is asking for the Federal Communications Commission to keep working on its official review of a $20.1 billion SoftBank deal, it’s also openly flirting with its other suitor, Dish Network. That’s what we call playing the field, folks. Wonder if it’ll go on two dates in the same night? [More]

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Dish Network Throws $25.5 Billion On The Table In Bid For Sprint Nextel

It’s been about six months since Japanese Wireless company SoftBank said it’d pay a handsome price to buy control of Sprint. And in yet another example of how a much-buzzed about hookup sometimes fails to get to the completion stage, there’s another company suddenly in the running to woo Sprint — the pay-TV giant, Dish Network. [More]


Dish Network Chat Rep Promised Me A Great Price, Now I Can’t Prove It

Kasey’s Dish Network contract was up, and he was interested in signing a new contract in order to get one of those sweet, sweet new Hopper DVR systems. An online chat representative made the deal with him, and that’s how he learned that it’s always a good idea to save your own customer service chats whenever possible. The new monthly rate was much higher than what Kasey had agreed to, but now he had no proof of what that lower original rate had been. [More]

Here's the Tweet that Dish claims CBS made Kaley Cuoco remove.

Dish Says CBS Made Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Delete Tweet About Hopper DVR

UPDATE: CBS thought the headline on this story wasn’t very fair, so a network rep asked us to change it. We didn’t. [More]

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Dish Network Says It’s Closing 300 Blockbuster Stores In The U.S.

If your local Blockbuster has stuck around through the company’s recent years of troubles and store closings, cross your fingers that it’ll stay lucky. The company announced it will be shuttering 300 stores in the U.S. soon, cutting the total number of locations in the country down to a measly 500.  [More]

Dish can now remove the asterisk.

Dish Gives Itself The Award That CBS Stopped CNET From Giving

A week after CBS execs told the editors of CNET they could not give its Best Of Show award to Dish’s Hopper DVR because the broadcaster is suing Dish over the device, their decision has backfired, with the satellite TV provider using the incident as a way to promote their product. [More]


Dish Network Agrees To Bring Back AMC & Pay The Company $700 Million In Settlement

Dish Network customers are probably salivating with joy right now over the prospect of watching Mad MenThe Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, as the company and AMC have finally reached a settlement. “Finally” is the key word here — it feels like these two have been fighting forever, even if the dispute really only got heated in July. [More]

It’s All The FCC’s Fault That Reader Can’t Watch His Local News Over Dish Network

It’s All The FCC’s Fault That Reader Can’t Watch His Local News Over Dish Network

Earlier this week, we shared a letter from reader Dale, who was sad that Dish Network didn’t provide him with his actual local broadcast stations, instead giving him the stations from a larger city that’s in his same state but farther away. “It’s the map,” customer service representatives insisted. Fortunately, many of our readers know more about Dish Network service than its own employees do, and wrote in to help straighten us–and Dale–out. [More]


Dish Network Is About To Drop My NBC Affiliate That Isn’t Even Local

Dale only has one complaint about Dish Network, but it’s sort of a strange one. Yes, he can tune local broadcast channels from Minneapolis through his Dish tuner, but they’re not local enough. He lives in more than 200 miles away in Bemidji, MN. [More]