When Cable Installer Accidentally Kills Your Pet Lizard, Can Anything Make Up For The Loss?

Over the years, we’ve heard complaints about cable techs and installers kicking holes in walls and leaving behind messes, but it’s incredibly rare — and genuinely heartbreaking — when the actions of an installer lead to the demise of a family pet. [More]

How Phantom Fees Finally Drove Me Away From DirecTV

How Phantom Fees Finally Drove Me Away From DirecTV

Think you don’t need to check over your bills because they’re on auto-pay or you’ve had the accounts for years? Think again! Looking at his DirecTV bill, Warren found two phantom charges that he knew shouldn’t have been there. He had a $10 fee for the high definition signal waived long ago, but it reappeared on his bill. He also had a charge for the privilege of having digital video recorders, on top of the rental charges for the DVRs themselves. He concluded that fighting the fees wasn’t a good use of his time, but finding a new cable provider certainly would be. [More]

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DirecTV To Raise Rates By 4.5% Starting In February

You are all familiar with the now-common vitriolic disputes between cable/satellite providers and broadcasters every time a contract comes up for renewal. Most of these fights end with both sides shaking hands and smiling — because it’s the consumer who gets screwed in the end. [More]


Moving My DirecTV Service Costs $230, Canceling It Costs $500

Some satellite TV customers decide to end their relationship with their company of choice when they move, but that’s not what Brad and his wife want to do. They’re moving to be closer to family during a medical crisis. The problem is that they’re still under contract: they just signed up this August. They also like their service and want to keep it. The problem is that DirecTV offers them two options: a $200 fee to move the service, or a [More]

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My DirecTV Tivo Has Been Resetting For 12 Days And No One Seems To Care

UPDATE: DirecTV tells Consumerist it will credit affected customers’ accounts when the issue is resolved.

Since the first week of November, DirecTV customers with Tivo Series 2 DVRs have been smashing their head against the wall (not literally, we hope) trying to get people to do something about their DVRs resetting randomly and frequently throughout the day. [More]

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DirecTV’s Technicians Are Great, Their Scheduling System Is Not So Great

Karen thinks that the technicians who come to service her DirecTV system are competent, professional, and just great. She has no complaints. Her problem is with the system that schedules them and gets them to her house. Well, the system is supposed to get them to her house. In practice, it just tells her that they’re supposed to come to her house, and she sort of crosses her fingers and hopes that they show up. [More]

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Kevin Garnett Earns Award For Most Bizarre DirecTV Endorsement Of The Year

Professional athletes don’t get paid for their prowess at making analogies, but when they have to speak to the press after each and every game, they come up with some creative ways of expressing their opinions. [More]


It Should Go Without Saying: Do Not Install Satellite TV Dishes Near Beehives

We are big advocates for safety here at Consumerist, and that goes not only for the everyday consumer, but also the workers on the job providing services for others. And while one might not think this warning needs to be voiced, we’ll say it anyway: Do not install satellite TV equipment (or really, anything) near a beehive without first making sure it’s empty. You never know when you’re going to anger the little buggers. [More]

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DirecTV Misled My Parents About Free NFL Sunday Ticket, Made Them Sad

Greg recommended DirecTV to his parents, and the company also had a pretty sweet deal going on at the time for new customers. They got NFL Sunday Ticket free for their first year! That sounds like a great deal to any rational person. Unfortunately, even though multiple sources told Greg’s parents that they would get the free football, nobody mentioned that the plan they were signing up for didn’t actually qualify them for the free NFL Sunday Ticket. Minor details, certainly. [More]

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DirecTV Gives New Customer Free Sunday Ticket, Takes It Away, Gives It Back

This story comes from tipster Dan, a Consumerist reader, and his co-worker Brandon, a DirecTV subscriber. Brandon saw that DirecTV was running a promotion of free NFL Sunday Ticket for new subscribers. He already had an account, but his subscription was pretty new, so he wondered whether he could get in on that. He could! Hurray! He had one glorious weekend of football, and then it was all taken away. He wasn’t eligible, DirecTV representatives explained. Brandon knew better. And Dan knew how to help him get the hours and hours of gridiron action that he deserves. [More]

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DirecTV Tells Customer It Will Waive Early Termination Fee; Claims It Never Said Such A Thing

You know how just about every customer service phone line tells you the call could be recorded? And surely you’ve been told by some CSR, “Here is my ID number so you can refer to it when you call back”? Well, Consumerist reader Bill found out that none of this matters when trying to make his case with DirecTV. [More]