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Tesla Faces One Last Hurdle In New Jersey After Senate Passes Bill Allowing Direct-To-Consumer Sales

A little more than a year after the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission unanimously voted to block the sale of Tesla vehicles directly to consumers, the state’s Legislature passed a bill allowing the car company to bypass auto dealerships and continue its unique model of car sales. [More]

Georgia Car Dealers Ask The State To Shut Down Tesla Store Because It Sold Too Many Cars

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It’s no secret that traditional car dealerships aren’t fans of Tesla for selling cars directly to consumers — we’ve seen quite a tussle in other states like New Jersey already, among other states — where officials have considered legislation banning direct sales. And now a group representing about 500 dealerships in Georgia wants the state to revoke Tesla’s license to sell there, too, because it’s sold too many cars already. [More]

Go talk to Congress.

White House Responds To Petition Asking For Direct-To-Consumer Tesla Sales In All 50 States

While the White House will respond to any We The People petition over 100,000 signatures, that doesn’t mean that the answer is always going to be something petitioners want to hear. And in the case of the 138,469 who wanted the administration to prevent sales from banning direct-to-consumer auto sales from companies like Tesla, that reply is pretty much, “Can’t do it, that’s Congress’ thing.” [More]