10 Things We Learned About The World’s Largest Diploma Mill

Earning a diploma can take years, but some people simply don’t have the time. For that reason, companies have been cropping up year after year offering consumers the chance to obtain a diploma, degree or certification in exchange for hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of dollars. A new report from the New York Times details how one company allegedly rakes in millions of dollars a month by selling those bogus documents though a series of fake websites and forceful sales calls. [More]

Court Shuts Down $11 Million High School Diploma Mill


Not everyone graduates from high school, but for nearly a decade, a company in Florida has been offering what it claims are “official” diplomas from “accredited” schools to consumers who took an online test (and paid betweeen $200 to $300). Except federal authorities say these diplomas are as bogus as they sound, and this company has allegedly scammed consumers for at least $11.1 million. [More]

Texas Law Allows Basset Hound's Dream Of Getting A High School Diploma To Come True

There are some private schools out there offering high school diplomas for a hefty fee — but be careful, as they might not give a flying bark whether you’re man or beast. One local news team investigated a school offering diplomas, and successfully snagged one for their canine pal, Molly. [More]

Keep Track Of Which Diploma Mills Will Work Out Best For Your Pet

Keep Track Of Which Diploma Mills Will Work Out Best For Your Pet

In this job market, anything you can do to give your cat or dog an edge is worth pursuing. That’s why you shouldn’t enroll your pet in just any diploma mill—you want one that’s a proven scam. Boingboing points out that there’s a Wikipedia page to keep track of animals with fraudulent diplomas to make it easier to comparison shop for that next fake certificate.

How Useless Are Diploma Mills? This Cat Got One

How Useless Are Diploma Mills? This Cat Got One

If you’re looking for a cheap and fast way to get a diploma, try Jefferson High School Online, where for $200 you can be taken as seriously as Oreo the cat. Oreo the cat with a GED, we mean.