Chick-Fil-A Customer Buys $1,000 Worth Of Food For Customers In Drive-Thru Line Behind Him

The one and only time it’s probably great to still be in the drive-thru line instead of already through it? When someone in front of you decides to shell out $1,000 to pay for the orders of all the strangers in line behind him, like one generous Chick-fil-A customer did this week. [More]

(Plankton 4:20)

Priceline Announces It’s Buying OpenTable For $2.6 Billion

Travel booking site Priceline seems to be hungry, and it it seems it’s found exactly what it wants to nosh on — restaurant reservation site OpenTable, which books tables for users in their cities. Priceline is forking over $2.6 billion in cold, hard cash to buy the company. [More]


Last Year We Bought Enough Instant Noodles To Provide 100 Billion Dorm Room Meals

Anyone who’s ever lived through some rather lean economic times knows that when it comes time to cut back on groceries, instant ramen noodles will be there for you at a low, low price. Heck, even if you’re not struggling, instant noodles are a popular mealtime option — so much so that 100 billion units were sold last year. [More]

My Melted Tyson Chicken Strips Look Less Than Tasty

My Melted Tyson Chicken Strips Look Less Than Tasty

Ah, the joys of cooking in the microwave! Reader Darren has bought and enjoyed Tyson pre-cooked “Grilled & Ready” chicken strips, so he thought he knew what he was in for when popping a couple in the microwave. He thought wrong. [More]