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Why Does Everyone Tell You To Eat Almonds If You’re Trying To Lose Weight?

A common refrain often bandied about in the general vicinity of dieters is “Instead of eating [insert junk food you really, really love] as a snack, just eat a handful of almonds!” While it might be easier for some than others to change their eating habits to lose weight, how did almonds get so popular? And is all the hype worth anything? [More]


Getting Paid To Lose Weight Possibly More Effective Than Throwing Cake In The Garbage

Instead of wasting money on perfectly good desserts by throwing them in the trash and dousing them with liquid dish soap just so you don’t eat them, getting paid to lose weight could be a much more rewarding dieting move. Earning cash and slimming down — in a perfect world, right? [More]

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Study: Weight Loss Programs Are Just As Good As Relying On Doc’s Advice To Shed Pounds

As parents are fond of noting, maybe you shouldn’t jump off a cliff just because all of your friends are doing so, but if you have pals that are seeing results from joining a weight loss program, you might want to join them. Not in the cliff-jumping, Weight Watchers or something like it. A new study says people in such programs are often just as successful or more so than people who only rely on medical advice from a doctor to lose weight. [More]

Control Your Weight By Recording What You Eat

Control Your Weight By Recording What You Eat

If it seems as though you’re eating right but the weight isn’t coming off, one explanation could be that you’re overlooking some food splurges you’re making. If you’re sticking to a calorie count in an effort to maintain or lose weight, one little snack binge can throw you off track. [More]

Study Says Calories Cause Weight Gain, No Matter Where They Come From

Study Says Calories Cause Weight Gain, No Matter Where They Come From

We all know people obsessed with fad diets — no carbs, high-protein, juice cleanses — but it seems it comes down to the simple fact that if you eat too many calories, you will gain weight. A new study says it doesn’t matter where those calories come from in your food, if you ingest a high amount of calories, you’ll pack on pounds. [More]

Study: Cutting Carbs 2 Days A Week Could Be Enough To Lose Weight

Study: Cutting Carbs 2 Days A Week Could Be Enough To Lose Weight

Not everyone has the self-control to downsize their bellies by cutting bread completely out of their lives, but they might not need to. According to a British study, avoiding carbs just two days a week could be all dieters need to do to lose weight. [More]

Eat Less By Imagining You're Eating More

Eat Less By Imagining You're Eating More

If you’re trying to cut back on how much you chow down, before you dig in, try imagining yourself eating much more than is in front of you. A new study found that people who practiced visualizing in this way wind up eating about 2/3 less. [More]

Former FDA Head Says Food Manufacturers Use Sugar, Salt, And Fat To Short Circuit The Brain's Reward System

Former FDA Head Says Food Manufacturers Use Sugar, Salt, And Fat To Short Circuit The Brain's Reward System

Do you have trouble resisting the urge to scarf down that cookie/candy bar/entree? Maybe it’s because somewhere upstream, experts spent lots of time and money manipulating the ingredients to deliver the consumer to a “bliss point,” suggests former FDA head Dr. David A. Kessler. His book “The End of Overeating” looks at how modern food has been designed to be as irresistible and satisfying as possible.


NBC and General Mills are planning on launching a “Biggest Loser” line of food this fall. The idea of someone sitting at home watching that show while munching a “Biggest Loser” energy bar is deeply depressing. [Entertainment Marketing Letter]

How Much Does It Cost To Lose 10 lbs?

How Much Does It Cost To Lose 10 lbs?

The holidays are the time to pack on the pounds and then resolve to lose them, so it’s a perfect time to find out how much does it cost to lose 10 lbs in a month? WeightLossMadeEasy rounds up the numbers of some popular diet programs.


German researchers have found that a glucose-restricted diet increases the number of free radicals in mice and worms, and extended their lifespans by up to 25%. The free radicals trigger the natural defense systems in the creatures, which in turn strengthen long-term cellular protection against the damaging molecules. So go ahead: smoke and curse all you want, and throw out that death-giving orange juice. [Reuters]

Special K Diet Is Bullshit

Special K Diet Is Bullshit

Special K, Challenged

Special K, Challenged

“Drop a jean size in two weeks?” Meghann Marco was incredulous as she read the promise on a box of Special K. So she’s going to follow all the rules and in two weeks time, walk into Express and see if she can fit into a pair of size 2 denims. Day 1 already has her allergic to oranges, so it’s sure to be a wild ride.