French Company Iliad Wants To Enter U.S. Market With $15B Offer For T-Mobile

Three years after T-Mobile USA’s parent company Deutsch Telekom failed to make a lasting match between its magenta-hued wireless provider and AT&T, it’s now receiving requests for T-Mobile’s hand from suitors closer to home, as French communications company Iliad has offered up a meager $15 billion for the company. [More]

(Ron Dauphin)

Apple-Loving T-Mobile Customers Rejoice: Your iPhones Are Arriving In 2013

As I say when I’ve missed two buses and three trains only to arrive for the last five minutes of the open bar, better late than never, eh? And so it goes for T-Mobile customers who have been greedily eyeing Apple’s iPhone for the last four years while not being able to buy one compatible with their wireless carrier’s service. It might be late, but it’s not never — the iPhone is officially coming to T-Mobile in 2013 [cue “The Final Countdown” by Europe]. [More]


Is The iPhone Finally Coming To T-Mobile?

It’s been about a year since T-Mobile customers’ hopes of getting access to the iPhone were dashed when the company’s merger with AT&T fell apart. Now come reports that they might finally be able to have the Apple device as early as next week. But some say that just won’t happen. [More]


MetroPCS Board Checks “Yes” On Note Asking If It Likes T-Mobile Enough To Merge

Kids move so fast these days! Just yesterday we noted how T-Mobile was busy wooing MetroPCS, as its parent company Deutsche Telekom was hoping the company could just move on from that whole “jilted at the altar by AT&T and the DOJ” thing. And now (cue the knowing “ooooohs“) the board of MetroPCS says it’s all in favor of merging with T-Mobile. But how will it find a dress in time?!?!? [More]

What Will Become Of T-Mobile If AT&T Deal Falls Through?

What Will Become Of T-Mobile If AT&T Deal Falls Through?

With the Justice Department suing to block AT&T’s $39 billion purchase of T-Mobile USA, some have begun wondering what would happen to the country’s fourth-largest wireless provider should the deal fall through. That includes T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom, which is reportedly looking at options for its American business. [More]