All Major U.S. Airlines Waiving Change Fees For Boston Travelers After Bombings At Marathon

Airlines are responding to yesterday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon by offering to waive change fees for any fliers affected by the explosions. That includes all the major domestic airlines, as Boston Logan International Airport is staying open despite heightened security in the city as well as elsewhere in large cities. [More]


Even If You’re Not A Celebrity, You Can Pay To Be Treated Like One At The Airport

Times used to be, breezing through airport security in front of everyone else and skipping lines during the boarding process was just for the hoity-toity types — the wealthy and celebrities, mainly. But now that regular passengers can pay for fast-track access, airlines are scrambling to provide an even hoity-toitier (new word, deal with it) experience for anyone willing to pay a hefty price. [More]


Alleged Delta Baby-Slapper Fired For Allegedly Slapping Baby On Delta Flight

You probably remember last week’s story of the Delta passenger accused of not only slapping a 19-month-old child but also using an unpleasant racial slur while doing so. Looks like that man’s employer isn’t exactly thrilled with the publicity caused by the incident. [More]


Delta Passenger Accused Of Slapping 19-Month-Old Across The Face, Using Racial Slur

Slapping another passenger on an airplane is bad. When that passenger is a baby, it’s even worse. But if you go that far in being a terrible human being, might as well throw in a racial slur just in case you hadn’t offended everyone on the plane. [More]


Delta Actually Listens To Customer Complaint About Confusing Website, Clarifies Free Movie Policy

Remember Josh, whose story we posted yesterday? He got this crazy idea in his head that Delta Airlines offered free movies on demand in the Economy Plus section, just because their website happened to say so. He sent off a quick e-mail complaint asking for a refund, and Delta explained that the site totally didn’t say what he thought it did, and he would get no refund. We published his story, and all of a sudden Delta changed their minds, cut him a check, and changed their website. [More]


Delta: Just Because Our Website Says You Get Free Movies, That Doesn’t Mean It’s True

For his recent cross-country flight on Delta, Josh took Economy Comfort class: it’s a little comfier than Economy, but not as fancy as Business class. Delta’s website says that people in this class don’t have to pay for movies on the in-flight entertainment system, but Josh’s actual experience and his conversations with Delta about having to pay for a movie indicate otherwise. [More]

The new minimum-spend requirements will kick in on Jan. 1, 2014.

Delta Says Too Many People Were Getting Elite Status, Will Make It Harder To Achieve

Airlines have spent the last decade trying to get customers to rack up points in any way possible. But apparently too many people were enjoying the high-life on Delta, as the airline announced changes today that will make it more difficult to achieve elite status in it frequent flier program. [More]


Musician Gets Help From Delta And Gibson After Baggage Handlers Wrecked Guitar

It was a terrible day for rock music in Detroit, Hanukkah-themed and otherwise, when Delta staff forced musician Dave Schneider to check his vintage Gibson guitar as luggage and it got caught in a service elevator. The instrument wasn’t destroyed beyond repair, but the repairs were going to cost an estimated $2,000. Then there was a rock miracle. Gibson, the iconic company that made his guitar half a century ago, offered an amazing opportunity: they could offer him not just a factory tour and a 50th anniversary replica of a similar model, but also repair his damaged guitar for free. [More]

KDFW in Texas is experiencing major weather-related delays and cancellations.

Hundreds Of Flights Canceled As Bad Weather Wreaks Havoc On Holiday Travel

Given the sheer number of flights that have been canceled today — and stand to be canceled and delayed in the coming hours — it’s possible you’re reading this from the discomfort of an airport or in the house of that family member you’d hoped to be saying goodbye to for another year. [More]


Delta Hops Into Bed With Virgin Atlantic For $360M Joint Venture

Although both sides were playing coy as recently as a week ago, those with their eyes on the sky business saw this Delta Air Lines/Virgin Atlantic hook-up coming. And as of this morning, they’ve done it — those crazy kids have done it: Delta purchased a 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic for a cool $360 million, creating a new joint venture between the two companies. [More]

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Delta Reportedly Has Its Eye On A Nice Little Slice Of Virgin Atlantic

Singapore Airlines is in the mood to shed a little weight in the form of its 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic, and it seems Delta Air Lines is among the suitors lining up to try to talk the company into handing that nice little slice over. Whoever gets this hunk of the company will gain access to some pretty sweet slots at London’s Heathrow airport. [More]

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Obese Woman’s Husband Blames 3 Airlines For Her Death After She Was Kept From Flying

When not one but three airlines fail to accommodate an obese passenger trying to get home to receive medical care in the U.S., who is to blame? A New York woman’s husband is suing Delta, KLM and Lufthansa Airlines claiming her death is all on them, after she was unable to successfully get home to the states from Hungary on three separate flights. [More]

Cellos are people, my friend.

Delta Kicks Musician Out Of Frequent Flyer Program For Buying Cello Its Own Seat

Not wanting to become the Dave Carroll of the classical music world, solo cellist Lynn Harrell purchases a second seat for his cello when they travel together. This should keep everyone happy. The airline sells an extra seat to a very quiet and compliant passenger, and Harrell racks up extra frequent flyer miles that he can put toward future travel for his cello. Delta isn’t happy, though: they’ve kicked him out of their frequent-flyer program and banned him from it forever. His crime? Accruing the frequent-flyer miles that the airline granted to his cello. [More]


‘Passenger Of Size’ Policies For The Largest Domestic Airlines

For passengers who don’t easily fit into the narrow seats on most commercial jets, it helps to know in advance what each carrier’s policies. [More]


Hurricane Sandy Prompts 4 Major Airlines To Cancel 9,000 Flights

In case you’ve been blithely unaware of a weather phenomenon dubbed Hurricane Sandy, she’s moving in on the East Coast, and fast. As such, American, Delta, United and US Airways had already wiped a combined total of about 9,000 flights off the boards to prepare for the storm. That’s a lot of stranded people. [More]

Delta Learns That It’s Not  A Good PR Move To Upset Judy Blume

Delta Learns That It’s Not A Good PR Move To Upset Judy Blume

Judy Blume is a world-famous author of books for kids and young adults (I still remember the eye-opening experience of thumbing through my older sister’s dogeared copy of Tiger Eyes), but in the parlance of Us Weekly, she’s just like us! Except she has 75,000 Twitter followers to gripe to about her problems with Delta. [More]

No, My Drunk Seatmate Probably Can't Open The Emergency Exit

No, My Drunk Seatmate Probably Can't Open The Emergency Exit

Patrick wanted off the plane. The overloaded Delta flight sat on the runway for more than an hour. He had the privilege of sitting in the exit row next to a very drunk man who was probably more likely to collapse on the emergency exit door than to be capable of opening it. When te flight attendant wouldn’t pay attention, he tried to contact Delta customer service and PR via e-mail for help. Some kind of help. When the flight attendants finally let a few people off the plane so it could take off, Patrick wasn’t one of the lucky few. Neither was Drunky McSeatmate. [More]

You Might Want To Skip Any Airline Not On This List Of Those Who Serve Free Booze

You Might Want To Skip Any Airline Not On This List Of Those Who Serve Free Booze

The good news is some very discerning minds have gone ahead and done the hard work of assembling a list of airlines that serve free alcohol on in economy class. The bad news is that you’re mostly out of luck when it comes to flights in the U.S. Sigh. [More]