Delta & Southwest Don’t Want To Listen To Passengers Gabbing On Phones For The Whole Flight

Delta & Southwest Don’t Want To Listen To Passengers Gabbing On Phones For The Whole Flight

Last week, the FCC said it was investigating whether to lift the ban on in-flight cellphone usage, which caused the Dept. of Transportation to effectively say, “Are you flippin’ crazy?” and announce that it would look into the need to set out its own guidelines to possibly stop planes from turning into flying tubes filled with obnoxious one-way conversations. In recent days, two of the nation’s largest carriers have joined their voices to the call for quiet on board. [More]

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Delta Bumps Passengers To Fly College Basketball Team To Game

Because making sure that a college basketball game goes off without a hitch is more important than transporting boring ol’ passengers who can’t sink a three-pointer to save their lives, Delta Air Lines recently chose to cancel a commercial flight and use that jet for a charter flight for the University of Florida basketball team. [More]

Impact Of US Airways/American Airlines Merger Will Depend On Who Gets Leftovers From Wedding

Impact Of US Airways/American Airlines Merger Will Depend On Who Gets Leftovers From Wedding

The path for US Airways and American Airlines to merge their businesses has been cleared and several smaller airlines like JetBlue and Spirit will benefit from the sale of the merged carriers’ excess takeoff and landing slots at airports around the country. But will that be enough to balance out the fact that we are now down to a handful of major national airlines? [More]

Southwest Is Only Major Airline Still Barring Gate-To-Gate Use Of Electronic Devices

Southwest Is Only Major Airline Still Barring Gate-To-Gate Use Of Electronic Devices

When the FAA announced last week that it would finally give airlines the authority to allow passengers the use of certain portable electronic devices during takeoff and landing, it said it could take several months for airlines to go through the process of vetting their planes to demonstrate the jets can safely handle radio interference. But in the short time since, every major airline except Southwest now has flights with gate-to-gate use of PEDs. [More]

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Lack Of Boarding Pass & TSA Checkpoints Don’t Prevent Kid From Sneaking Onto Las Vegas Flight

While Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 2 will always provide inspiration to kids everywhere, the truth is, youngsters who can pull of similar adventures must be even wilier than he was. Sure, Kevin flew to New York City by himself, but security wasn’t as tight back then. Not like the 9-year-old who managed to evade Transportation Security Administration checkpoints and gate agents to get on a flight to Las Vegas all by himself. [More]

Delta Passenger Pleads Guilty To Slapping Baby During Flight

Delta Passenger Pleads Guilty To Slapping Baby During Flight

You may remember the story from February of the 60-year-old man who was accused of getting really drunk on a Delta flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta and smacking a toddler and allegedly saying “shut that ni**er baby up” to the child’s mother. Yesterday, he agreed to a plea deal that could result with him serving up to six months behind bars. [More]

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Delta Passenger Claims Airline Made Him Crawl Across Tarmac Rather Than Offer Assistance

A man from Hawaii who was left without the ability to walk following a car crash in 2000, has sued Delta Air Lines, claiming the carrier gave him no option but to crawl down the aisle of the plane and across a tarmac instead of him providing the assistance he says he’d been promised in advance. [More]

DOT Fines Delta $750,000 For Breaking Rules On Passenger-Bumping

DOT Fines Delta $750,000 For Breaking Rules On Passenger-Bumping

Delta isn’t great about letting passengers volunteer to be bumped off an oversold flight instead of just bumping them by force. The company just doesn’t have enough CEOs to go around and offer seats to people who need to get home. Don’t take our word for it: the U.S. Department of Transportation gave them a public reprimand and ordered the airline to pay a penalty of $750,000. [More]


Which Airlines Have The Most WiFi-Enabled Flights?

By now, most of us are used to having Internet access wherever we go, but a majority of flights by the major U.S. airlines still don’t offer in-flight WiFi access to passengers. And your likelihood of finding WiFi on a plane all depends on which airline you’re flying on that day. [More]


Delta CEO Gives Up Seat On Flight To Mom Who’d Spent The Day Trying To Get Home

It’s a traveler’s nightmare — all you want is to get home, but the airplane gods keep throwing obstacles in your way that make it seem hopeless that you’ll ever return from your Odyssean travels. One Atlanta mom was on a mission to get home in time to pick up her daughter from camp, and finally managed to finish her journey thanks to Delta CEO Richard Anderson.  [More]


Delta Employees Dig Through Trash To Find “Daddy Shirt” Worn By 7-Year-Old’s Late Father

Warning, if you have a heart, you might need to grab a couple of tissues before reading this story, which serves as proof that there are customer service reps out there who actually care about customers. A little boy who lost a shirt worn by his late father was reunited with the treasured possession after Delta Airlines employees searched through the trash to find it. [More]


All Major U.S. Airlines Waiving Change Fees For Boston Travelers After Bombings At Marathon

Airlines are responding to yesterday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon by offering to waive change fees for any fliers affected by the explosions. That includes all the major domestic airlines, as Boston Logan International Airport is staying open despite heightened security in the city as well as elsewhere in large cities. [More]


Even If You’re Not A Celebrity, You Can Pay To Be Treated Like One At The Airport

Times used to be, breezing through airport security in front of everyone else and skipping lines during the boarding process was just for the hoity-toity types — the wealthy and celebrities, mainly. But now that regular passengers can pay for fast-track access, airlines are scrambling to provide an even hoity-toitier (new word, deal with it) experience for anyone willing to pay a hefty price. [More]


Alleged Delta Baby-Slapper Fired For Allegedly Slapping Baby On Delta Flight

You probably remember last week’s story of the Delta passenger accused of not only slapping a 19-month-old child but also using an unpleasant racial slur while doing so. Looks like that man’s employer isn’t exactly thrilled with the publicity caused by the incident. [More]


Delta Passenger Accused Of Slapping 19-Month-Old Across The Face, Using Racial Slur

Slapping another passenger on an airplane is bad. When that passenger is a baby, it’s even worse. But if you go that far in being a terrible human being, might as well throw in a racial slur just in case you hadn’t offended everyone on the plane. [More]


Delta Actually Listens To Customer Complaint About Confusing Website, Clarifies Free Movie Policy

Remember Josh, whose story we posted yesterday? He got this crazy idea in his head that Delta Airlines offered free movies on demand in the Economy Plus section, just because their website happened to say so. He sent off a quick e-mail complaint asking for a refund, and Delta explained that the site totally didn’t say what he thought it did, and he would get no refund. We published his story, and all of a sudden Delta changed their minds, cut him a check, and changed their website. [More]


Delta: Just Because Our Website Says You Get Free Movies, That Doesn’t Mean It’s True

For his recent cross-country flight on Delta, Josh took Economy Comfort class: it’s a little comfier than Economy, but not as fancy as Business class. Delta’s website says that people in this class don’t have to pay for movies on the in-flight entertainment system, but Josh’s actual experience and his conversations with Delta about having to pay for a movie indicate otherwise. [More]

The new minimum-spend requirements will kick in on Jan. 1, 2014.

Delta Says Too Many People Were Getting Elite Status, Will Make It Harder To Achieve

Airlines have spent the last decade trying to get customers to rack up points in any way possible. But apparently too many people were enjoying the high-life on Delta, as the airline announced changes today that will make it more difficult to achieve elite status in it frequent flier program. [More]