3 Things We Learned About Delivering Pizza Above The Arctic Circle

3 Things We Learned About Delivering Pizza Above The Arctic Circle

If during this past winter you hesitated to order pizza delivery because you felt bad dragging the pizza guy/gal out in the frigid weather, the story of what it’s like to deliver hot food in the country’s northernmost town may make you realize that your local Domino’s driver doesn’t have it so bad. [More]


Jury Orders Domino’s To Pay $32M In Lawsuit Over Deadly Crash Involving Delivery Driver

A Texas jury is holding Domino’s Pizza partially responsible for a car accident involving a delivery driver that killed one woman and left her husband with brain damage. The victims’ family claimed that it was Domino’s fault that the driver was driving in a car with allegedly bald tires. The jury agreed, awarding the family $32 million and saying that Domino’s should have had inspection rules in place to keep such a vehicle off the road. [More]

Not the delivery car in question. (jeknee)

Domino’s Pizza Delivery Man Shoots, Kills Would-Be Robber While On The Job

It can be tough out there for delivery guys and gals, as the job description makes it necessary to carry around cash, sometimes in large amounts. That makes delivery workers a prime target for ne’er-do-wells, and a bit of a scary situation for anyone caught unawares. One Domino’s pizza delivery man was prepared enough to shoot and kill someone apparently trying to take his cash. [More]