Ontrac Takes My Amazon Package On Weeklong Vacation, Delivers It Alongside Replacement

Ontrac Takes My Amazon Package On Weeklong Vacation, Delivers It Alongside Replacement

We hear wonderful things about Amazon Prime…except from readers who live in parts of the country served by smaller shipping carriers like Ontrac and Ensenda. Reader Z. recently reported a package missing, and Amazon sent a replacement. Ontrac brought both the original package and the replacement on the same day…a week after that original shipment was supposed to arrive. [More]

This Gun Safe Came With 285 Pounds Of Free Pot

This Gun Safe Came With 285 Pounds Of Free Pot

Buy a large gun safe, get ten free bales of Mexican bud? That’s an appealing and potentially very lucrative promotion, but wasn’t an actual thing. Authorities are still trying to figure out who put 285 pounds of marijuana in a $1,700 gun safe that was shipped from Mexico to a customer in Ohio. They believe the customer that he didn’t order it, namely because he was the one who reported the shipment to police. [More]

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Amazon UK Users Will Be Able To Track Packages In Real-Time All The Way To Door

Most of us know the anxiety of tracking a highly anticipated package (especially a pricey, highly anticipated package). You follow it online from warehouse to distribution center to shipping hub to receiving center and then it goes on “on truck for delivery,” meaning that you’ll probably get it at some vague, undetermined point before the end of the day. But rather than hope you are around to receive the item — lest the delivery driver just hurls it over your fence — wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly when it’s coming? [More]

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I Just Want UPS To Take My Money, Let Me Use MyChoice Premium

Some of our readers aren’t fond of UPS’s MyChoice Premium, comparing it to a protection racket for items that you’ve already paid to have delivered to your house. We get that. Michael likes the concept and finds it useful. Or he would if UPS would actually apply it to his packages. [More]


OnTrac Claims They Delivered Another Phantom Package

Our readers generally love Amazon Prime, but complain about the regional delivery services that Amazon contracts with in some areas in order to make that fabulous free two-day delivery possible. Carriers that include Ontrac and Ensenda seem to get the job done okay most of the time. When things go wrong, though, customers who had the wacky assumption that “out for delivery” meant their packages would actually be delivered get upset. [More]

FedEx Now Allows You To Pay Extra For 2-Hour Delivery Window

FedEx Now Allows You To Pay Extra For 2-Hour Delivery Window

Sick of taking off all day from work waiting for a FedEx delivery? Today, the company launched a new program called FedEx Delivery Manager that allows you, along with other free options, to pay extra to have your shipment delivered within a two-hour window, or have it delivered somewhere else. [More]


Walmart Considers Paying Its Customers To Deliver Online Orders

So you’ve ordered something from Walmart.com, but when it arrives, it doesn’t come on a UPS/FedEX/USPS truck, or even in one of the vehicles Walmart currently uses for same-day delivery. No, it is handed to you by a fellow Walmart shopper getting paid to run an errand for the retailer. [More]


UPS Refuses To Deliver Package, Messes Up My Daughter’s Birthday

Julie currently lives far away from her daughter, and went her a wonderful box of gifts from cosmetics retailer Sephora for her recent 14th birthday. What a lovely surprise! Or it would have been if UPS hadn’t refused to release the package with a mere signed slip because it had been redirected after getting sent to Julie’s billing address initially. The package was significantly delayed past her birthday, and the surprise became significantly less fun. [More]

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UPS Tells You To Pick Up Package From Station, Closes Package Station Due To Nemo

It was just Manu’s bad luck that the computer he really, really needed was due to arrive at the same time as an East Coast superblizzard. The storm wasn’t as bad as expected in New York City, where Manu lives, but it was still bad enough that work closed early on the day that they didn’t deliver his computer to his home, so he could go fetch it from the depot. So he left on an epic trek through the snow to the UPS depot to… well, not pick up the computer, as it turns out. [More]


Lowe’s Installs Wrong Door, Wants Customer To Pay For Installation Of Replacement

A Sacramento woman ordered a beautiful new front door for her house: shiny white with brass fittings and a window up top. It was a very nice-looking door, and that’s what was on the estimate she received. It wasn’t the door the installers actually brought to her house and installed in the front of her house, though. That part’s no problem: they just need to come by and replace it with the correct door, right? None of this would be a big deal at all if they didn’t want her to pay for the second installation herself. [More]

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FedEx Driver Can’t Read Street Signs, Shrugs

You’d think that before getting hired as a FedEx driver, someone would check to see whether you have certain skills. Such as the ability to read street signs. The driver serving Charlie’s neighborhood lacks this key skill. That, or he confuses street names very, very frequently. [More]


1-800-Flowers Promises Flowers, Refund, Coupons: Delivers None Of The Above

Kyle had a LivingSocial voucher for 1-800-Flowers, and thought that he would put it to good use sending a lovely arrangement to his parents to show that he was thinking of them at Christmas. 1-800-Flowers didn’t really want to cooperate, though. They e-mailed him twice to let him know that the arrangement had been delivered…but it actually hadn’t. Silly Kyle, assuming that one of the messages had to reflect reality. They’ve since promised him a refund and a $20 coupon that have never come. [More]

My Son’s Power Rangers Took A Weeklong UPS Warehouse Vacation

My Son’s Power Rangers Took A Weeklong UPS Warehouse Vacation

Where were the robots? Jemande ordered Power Rangers robots for his son’s birthday, so he had a deadline. The merchant used UPS, and the package progressed smoothly to his local depot and onto a truck. UPS attempted to deliver and claims that no one was around. Jemande disputes this, but the really important part is what happened next. UPS took the package back to the depot, where it hung out from November 28th to December 4th (Wednesday to Tuesday) for no clear reason. [More]


Is Every UPS Driver In My State Afraid Of Me?

George’s problem isn’t with UPS as a whole, really. As far as he knows, they’re getting his packages to his nearest distribution center quickly and safely. The problem is with the next step in the process: the part where the driver brings the package to his home. Maybe all of his local drivers are in competition with colleagues to see who can deliver the fewest packages in the course of a day. Perhaps they all suffer from a terrible social phobia, and therefore don’t want to ring doorbells. Whatever the actual situation is, when George stays home from work to stake out his own home, he has caught the driver just leaving a note without even ringing the doorbell. “Sorry we missed you,” indeed. Yesterday was different, though. Yesterday, no one showed up at all, even though he staked out the door all day. [More]


FedEx Knows I Need To Send 9 Boxes To My New House, Suspends My Account

Ann and her family are going through a series of moves–first an international one, from England to the United States, and then a domestic one, from Florida to Vermont. Though precisely why she needs FedEx to come pick up a bunch of large boxes from her house is almost irrelevant. The problem is that they won’t. She sent this plea for help to a few executive addresses, but has heard nothing back yet. [More]

Shari's Berries Replaces Order Even Though I Screwed Up

Shari's Berries Replaces Order Even Though I Screwed Up

A friend of his mother was very kind to Paul’s mom, and he wanted to do something nice for her. He ordered a beautiful and delicious strawberry “rose” bouquet after getting the friend’s address from his mom. She gave him the wrong address, though, and someone four doors down decided to keep some free berries. When he learned about this, Paul went to place a new order. This was his mistake after all. Instead, when he contacted Shari’s berries to ask who signed for the mis-delivered package, they sent out a replacement order to the correct address. For free. [More]

Good Morning! It’s OnTrac With Your Amazon Package Wakeup Call

Good Morning! It’s OnTrac With Your Amazon Package Wakeup Call

It’s 8 A.M. Consumerist Standard Time. Time to get up! Don’t worry if you’re still feeling groggy, though. If you live in an area where OnTrac delivers Amazon packages, put some pants on. It’s entirely possible that your local delivery person could be at your door any minute now. At least that’s what happened to Richard. Today, that’s not much of a problem: you might even be on your way to work by then. The problem is that OnTrac stopped by and pounded on his doorbell on Saturday morning, rousing him and his neighbors. [More]

At Least No One At UPS Wants To Steal Verb Conjugation Posters

At Least No One At UPS Wants To Steal Verb Conjugation Posters

Should Lindsey feel violated that her UPS package was clearly opened and rifled through, or grateful that she was only ordering teaching supplies that the rifler apparently found unworthy of stealing? Or maybe the box was secured with particularly un-sticky tape. Whatever the case, this is what she received on her doorstep. [More]