(Paul Pica)

GM Ignition Switch Death Toll Reaches 100

Nearly four months after General Motors’ victim compensation fund stopped accepting death and injury claims related to its massive ignition switch issue, the number of people killed because of the long-ignored defect continues to climb, now officially reaching triple-digits.  [More]

(Louis Abate)

GM Says 70% Of Vehicles Recalled For Deadly Ignition Switch Defect Fixed

Six months after General Motors began coaxing consumers to fix their recalled vehicles with a social media campaign and the promise of $25 gift cards, the car manufacture says that about 70% of the 2.4 million vehicles recalled for a deadly ignition switch defect have been fixed. [More]

Samsung: Do Not Return Your Defective TV

This note was probably due to the fact that consumers often do not know how to properly hook up HDTVs, and return them thinking they are defective. In Shawn’s case, the TV really was defective. So did Samsung help him? Of course not.

Apple Powerbook Audio Flaw: One Month and Counting

Apple Powerbook Audio Flaw: One Month and Counting

Owners of the last generation of ‘high-resolution’ Apple Powerbooks are reporting major audio issues that cause an echo or looping effect to occur when playing sound. That’s a real problem for a platform used heavily by musicians and video artists, so one would expect Apple to fix the problem as soon as possible.