Can’t Find A Coupon Code For Online Stores? Just Ask

Can’t Find A Coupon Code For Online Stores? Just Ask

When you’re shopping online, you probably perform a cursory search online to find out whether the e-retailer you’re about to buy from has any coupons available online. Sites for sharing coupon codes like RetailMeNot are great to check quickly. What should you do if your search comes up empty? Don’t despair. Like brick-and-mortar retailers, online stores might have your back when you don’t bring your own coupons.  [More]

Will You Ever Use 20 Rolls Of Paper Towels? What To Buy And Not Buy In Bulk

Will You Ever Use 20 Rolls Of Paper Towels? What To Buy And Not Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk might seem like a great idea, if you have the time and storage needed to deal such large quantities. But with more retailers offering coupons, in-store promotions and customer loyalty programs is buying in bulk really a good deal? And what items are even good in bulk? [More]


Have You Tried These Ways To Save Money At Amazon?

Amazon offers the best prices on many items and has an unbeatable inventory, but did you know that there are ways to save even more? Yes, there are, ranging from signing up for rebates to asking for a price-match. [More]

How Stupid Does Bed Bath & Beyond Think We Are?

How Stupid Does Bed Bath & Beyond Think We Are?

“How dumb does Bed Bath & Beyond think we are?” writes reader Kristina. Well…maybe they’re just working from assumptions about the average American consumer’s math skills. This coupon offers $25 off a $125 purchase, which is great if and only if you want to spend exactly $125 at the store. [More]


What Do You Shop For In November?

Our power-shopping colleagues over at Consumer Reports don’t just test every product you can think of: they also keep track of what’s on the market and when is the best time to buy certain things. Looking over their November list, we wondered: what do Consumerist readers shop for during this month? [More]

Rein in those high prices, Sears.

Amazon Dominates Sears’ Prices In The Bondage Accessories Market

Full disclosure: I know nothing about the bondage accessories market — what’s good, what’s bad, what’s very, very bad — but I do know how to spot a low price. And while it’s admirable that Sears is branching out to third-party vendors outside of the tools and home goods sections, if you’re gonna sell a customer a harness, at least try to compete with Amazon’s prices. [More]


Study: Men Swayed By Flashy Colors See Deals Where There Are None To Be Had

Let’s be totally clear here: I have no idea if men are all suckers for flashy colors or whether women or more likely to read the fine print on a deal, no matter the color. But that’s exactly what a new study says — men get all “ooh” and “aah” when a deal is marketed in bright color, whereas women apparently take the time to suss out whether or not they’re actually getting a good price. [More]

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Groupon Introduces Discounted Restaurant Reservation Service

Now that the general public is over the first blush of excitement we initially felt for daily deals sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, the industry is casting about for new ways to entice customers. Because just like a shark, companies know they’ve gotta keep moving or face certain death. Groupon’s newest bid for survival: A service offering reservations at upscale restaurants for up to 40% off. [More]

My Health Insurer’s Idea Of ‘Healthy’ Food Is Mayonnaise And Ice Cream

My Health Insurer’s Idea Of ‘Healthy’ Food Is Mayonnaise And Ice Cream

Should our health insurers try to nudge us toward the healthiest habits possible, like eating fresh, healthy food and exercising regularly? Or should they just give up, accept Americans’ crappy habits and hope that we do less healthy versions of unhealthy things, like eating giant plates of whole-wheat pasta? Reader Scott wonders whether that’s what his health insurance company, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, is up to with a package of coupons that they sent recently. [More]

Hooters loves your mother.

16 Free Ways To Celebrate Your Mom This Mother’s Day — And Yes, Hooters Is Involved

So you weren’t able to convince Harrison Ford to show up at your mom’s door in his Han Solo costume. She’d be the first one to tell you that hey, it’s the thought that counts. If you’re low on cash or just enjoy scoping out good deals with the woman who brought you forth into this world, there are a bunch of options out there to celebrate Mom this year, including another attempt by Hooters to lure women through its doors. [More]

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Comcast Offers Broadband So Fast, The Promotional Price Ends 6 Months Early

Where are six months and twelve months basically the same thing? At Comcast, of course. The cable company/ISP/overlords of all media want to show us all that they have a poor grasp on math. We can laugh it up all we want, but the joke’s really on reader Bubbicito. It doesn’t matter how confusing he finds the deals in Kabletown, because he doesn’t have any other choices for high-speed broadband. He can still vent at Consumerist, though. [More]

Run the numbers before you buy.

HP’s Free Nook Promotion Could End Up Costing You $355

HP’s website has an offer going right now where you can score a free Nook Simple Touch (a $99 value) with the purchase of a new computer. But depending on which computer you buy, you could end up spending several times the cost of the e-reader. [More]

Sam’s Club Offers Great Thanksgiving Week Deals, Abruptly Cancels Orders

Sam’s Club Offers Great Thanksgiving Week Deals, Abruptly Cancels Orders

Is Sam’s Club the new Best Buy? Last year, Best Buy canceled orders for many of their hottest doorbusters just before Christmas, leaving customers sad and giftless. If that’s Sam’s Club’s plan, at least they’re operating on a shorter timeline before canceling their hottest deals. Readers report to us that Sam’s sold and then canceled these deals all in the space of Thanksgiving weekend. [More]

Hee hee! That's much too expensive.

Funny Pictures: Not Always Funny On Second Glance

Reader Justin sent us this picture of a comically overpriced microSD card on the shelf at Best Buy. Oh, this storage device is overpriced by $310! Best Buy, you’re so silly! Only it’s not as silly as the casual observer might think, because this isn’t really an item for sale.  [More]

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If Staples Never Had Any Hard Drives In Stock, Were They Ever Really On Sale?

Jordan had two glorious things happening to him at the same time. He had a $220 gift card to Staples, and the office-supply chain had Kingston solid State drives on sale for the wonderfully cheap price of $79.99. They were marked down from $199.99. He headed to his local store to take advantage of the deal, since wouldn’t let him use the gift cards. At Staples, he learned that while his local store had the the item on display, they didn’t actually have them in stock. Now he’s questioning reality: was the item on sale last week or this week? Did the sale really ever exist? Was the lack of stock an accidental bait-and-switch move? (If it were an intentional one, they’d push the drives on customers for $200, or try to sell them a cheaper but inferior model.) Why won’t the web site accept gift cards? [More]

This is not a coupon.

TigerDirect Won’t Accept My Coupon Because It Just Won’t

Jeff got a coupon with his last order from TigerDirect, and decided to use it to order some new speakers. Only the coupon didn’t work. The only explanation he could get from TigerDirect as to why the coupon wouldn’t work? Because it just won’t. They won’t accept it, despite having mailed it to him and everything. [More]


Waiting In A Long Line For A Popular Product Might Be Annoying But It Could Boost Your Ego

After yet another study showed that maybe those Black Friday sales that generate such humongous lines aren’t necessarily the best deals, and the simple fact that ordering a coveted item online can often allow shoppers to skip those eternal queues, why would anyone stand around waiting ever again? Well, maybe because it makes you feel kinda good, say experts. [More]

Is Customized Supermarket Pricing Gleaned From Loyalty Cards Creepy Or A Good Thing?

Is Customized Supermarket Pricing Gleaned From Loyalty Cards Creepy Or A Good Thing?

Whether you’re one of those shoppers with way too many grocery store loyalty cards or just a few, swiping those at checkouts could be doing far more than just giving you a few cents off your favorite cereal. Stores like Safeway and Kroger are building up their research on how their customers shop, developing customized pricing on the things you like the most. So is that a creepy invasion of privacy or worth it if you save money? [More]