Warm Up For Black Friday: Here’s A Pop Quiz On The Best Deals

You can’t depend on retailers to tell you whether you’re really getting a good deal or not. Is $89 the cheapest that you can find an Apple TV for? Is a $199 Dyson vacuum cleaner too good to pass up? You can make sure that your deal-finding senses are finely tuned and ready for Black Friday with an interactive deal quiz over at CNN. Some deals are exceptional, and others compare unfavorably to other recent sales, sometimes at the same retailer. [CNN]


Twitter Testing Tweets That Double As Digital Coupons

Twitter is already flirting with offering users the ability to purchase things from within their feeds with its “Buy” button, and now the social media company is dipping its toes into discount waters with a new test of digital coupons. [More]

Seems legit.

Terrible People Create Fake Amazon Pages, Convince Walmart To Price-Match Them

It seemed like a great victory for consumers when Walmart announced that it would price-match select online retailers, including Amazon.com. However, because we’re not evil, we didn’t foresee how some people would misuse the price-matching privilege to scam Wally World into selling them video game consoles at cut-rate prices. [More]

(Hammerin Man)

Here’s Where Veterans And Active Servicemembers Can Eat Free Or Get Special Deals Today

Today is the day when America takes the day to pause and honor the veterans who have served our country. As part of that show of gratitude, many retailers are offering up freebies or deals for veterans as thanks. [More]

Microsoft Offers Lumia-Fitbit Flex Bundle, Forgets It Just Launched Own Fitness Tracker

Microsoft Offers Lumia-Fitbit Flex Bundle, Forgets It Just Launched Own Fitness Tracker

Here’s some exciting news if you’re in the market for both a new smartphone and a fitness-tracking wristband: AT&T has a deal right now where you can pay $99 for a shiny new Nokia Lumia 830, and with that get a Fitbit Flex wristband, which costs $99 by itself. That sounds like a great deal: unless you’re part of the team that just launched Microsoft’s own fitness-tracking wristband. [More]

Electrolux Buys General Electric Appliance Division For $3.3B

Electrolux Buys General Electric Appliance Division For $3.3B

Whenever someone mentions a General Electrics appliance the first thing that comes to mind is 30 Rock‘s Jack Donaghy and the pocket microwave, “The Funcooker.” Of course neither of those things really have anything to do with Electrolux’s deal to buy the GE appliance business, but it’s never the wrong time to reminisce about Liz Lemon and the gang. [More]


Groupon Now Offering Time-Based Restaurant Deals That Require A Reservation

Part of the hassle Groupon customers traditionally have faced is presenting that printed or mobile deal voucher to redeem it when the time comes. And that time wasn’t always ideal for businesses, either, with owners complaining of floods of customers wielding vouchers and overwhelming them. In an attempt to allay both stressful situations, Groupon’s new foray into the deal world for restaurants that take reservations comes with a time limit, with no voucher presentation involved. [More]

Going Shopping? Here’s Where You’ll Find September Deals

Do you plan to spend your Labor Day weekend shopping? If so, there are certain things that you’ll find great deals on as the calendar flips from August to September. Our power-shopping colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports recommend looking for gas grills, digital cameras, bicycles, and small electronics. Our friends over at Rather-Be-Shopping would add mattresses, baseball equipment, pool toys, and model year 2014 cars to that list. [Rather-Be-Shopping] [Consumer Reports]

TiVo E-Mails Me Coupon Code, Reserves Right To Remove Discounts After Order

TiVo E-Mails Me Coupon Code, Reserves Right To Remove Discounts After Order

When TiVo was offering a great price on their Roamio DVRs, reader Victor thought that his mother-in-law could use one. He thought about it, put one in his virtual cart, and then took some time to decide. Like many retailers will do, TiVo sent him an e-mail with a $50 off coupon to entice him back. How could he resist? He placed the order, and that’s where things started to go wrong. [More]

(Erica Smith)

Here’s What You Should And Shouldn’t Buy In June

Every store and every industry has its own cycle of sales, and by timing your purchases just right, you can take advantage of them. There are two different things to keep track of: the ways that sales cycle every year, and also current trends in retail. [More]

7 Items You’ll Find The Best Prices On During May

7 Items You’ll Find The Best Prices On During May

Our price-tracking colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports keep track of when the best discounts appear on a variety of items. As we get ready to flip over the calendar page to celebrate May, what will you be able to find the best deals on in the coming month? [More]

Can’t Find A Coupon Code For Online Stores? Just Ask

Can’t Find A Coupon Code For Online Stores? Just Ask

When you’re shopping online, you probably perform a cursory search online to find out whether the e-retailer you’re about to buy from has any coupons available online. Sites for sharing coupon codes like RetailMeNot are great to check quickly. What should you do if your search comes up empty? Don’t despair. Like brick-and-mortar retailers, online stores might have your back when you don’t bring your own coupons.  [More]

Will You Ever Use 20 Rolls Of Paper Towels? What To Buy And Not Buy In Bulk

Will You Ever Use 20 Rolls Of Paper Towels? What To Buy And Not Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk might seem like a great idea, if you have the time and storage needed to deal such large quantities. But with more retailers offering coupons, in-store promotions and customer loyalty programs is buying in bulk really a good deal? And what items are even good in bulk? [More]


Have You Tried These Ways To Save Money At Amazon?

Amazon offers the best prices on many items and has an unbeatable inventory, but did you know that there are ways to save even more? Yes, there are, ranging from signing up for rebates to asking for a price-match. [More]

How Stupid Does Bed Bath & Beyond Think We Are?

How Stupid Does Bed Bath & Beyond Think We Are?

“How dumb does Bed Bath & Beyond think we are?” writes reader Kristina. Well…maybe they’re just working from assumptions about the average American consumer’s math skills. This coupon offers $25 off a $125 purchase, which is great if and only if you want to spend exactly $125 at the store. [More]


What Do You Shop For In November?

Our power-shopping colleagues over at Consumer Reports don’t just test every product you can think of: they also keep track of what’s on the market and when is the best time to buy certain things. Looking over their November list, we wondered: what do Consumerist readers shop for during this month? [More]

Rein in those high prices, Sears.

Amazon Dominates Sears’ Prices In The Bondage Accessories Market

Full disclosure: I know nothing about the bondage accessories market — what’s good, what’s bad, what’s very, very bad — but I do know how to spot a low price. And while it’s admirable that Sears is branching out to third-party vendors outside of the tools and home goods sections, if you’re gonna sell a customer a harness, at least try to compete with Amazon’s prices. [More]


Study: Men Swayed By Flashy Colors See Deals Where There Are None To Be Had

Let’s be totally clear here: I have no idea if men are all suckers for flashy colors or whether women or more likely to read the fine print on a deal, no matter the color. But that’s exactly what a new study says — men get all “ooh” and “aah” when a deal is marketed in bright color, whereas women apparently take the time to suss out whether or not they’re actually getting a good price. [More]