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Nearly 120,000 VW Owners Accept “Goodwill Package,” Carmaker To Present Plan For Emissions Fix Friday

Last week, Volkswagen announced it would try to win over hundreds of thousands of consumers still waiting to hear just how the carmaker plans to fix their “clean diesel” vehicles rigged to cheat emissions tests by offering owners $1,000 in cash and credits. While the “goodwill package” was seen by some as a means to buy more time, it’s apparently working: nearly 120,000 individuals have taken the company up on its offer.  [More]

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Senators Urge GM To Extend Deadline For Filing Ignition Switch Claims

With just three days left before General Motors’ self-imposed victim compensation claim deadline, two senators are encouraging the car manufacturer to extend the cut off beyond January 31. [More]

Striking Verizon Workers To Lose Benefits If Strike Continues

Striking Verizon Workers To Lose Benefits If Strike Continues

Verizon isn’t too thrilled with the idea that it’s paying for health insurance benefits for 45,000 striking workers. Thus, the telecom giant has said it will cease funding certain benefits if those employees aren’t back on the job by the end of the month. [More]