Nike Auctions Back To The Future Air Mag Shoes

Nike Auctions Back To The Future Air Mag Shoes

After years of rumors, Nike is finally selling a run of Back to The Future shoes. These Nike Air Mags are like the ones that Marty McFly put on in the movie and they laced themselves up. The shoes are going for a few thousand on eBay and all the proceeds benefit Parkinson’s research. Sadly, all they do is light up and look cool, they’re not self-tying. Which is why this guy, who has a working prototype of a self-lacing shoe, should have gotten a production run instead. [More]

Fake Toyota CEO: "From Now On No Brakes!"

Fake Toyota CEO: "From Now On No Brakes!"

Uh-oh, (fake) Mr. Toyoda is mad. He went on Letterman to call the latest runaway Toyota report a hoax, and he’s going to get revenge for this blatant attempt to shame him. “From now on, Toyota no brakes!” Also, he’s apparently upset about Jay Leno for some reason. All are punish-ed!

Fake Toyota CEO Yells at David Letterman, Mocks Jay Leno [Gawker.TV] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

Leno Explains How He Ended Up Shilling For Letterman

Leno Explains How He Ended Up Shilling For Letterman

Just about the only commercial from Sunday night’s Super Bowl ad blitz that still had anyone talking the next day was CBS’ spot for The Late Show with David Letterman, which featured Dave watching the big game on his couch with Oprah Winfrey and his once-again time-slot competitor Jay Leno. So how did this all happen? Jay went on his own show last night to explain… well, sort of. [More]

Don’t Buy Richard Simmons’ Exploding Steamer

Are these manufactured by Sony?— BEN POPKEN