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AT&T, Where “Congestion” & Data Caps Only Apply To Existing Users

Ever since AT&T and Verizon got rid of unlimited wireless plans, both companies have used the questionable excuse of “congestion,” claiming that throttling data after remaining unlimited users pass an arbitrary threshold was necessary to keep data flowing. But in plans announced over the weekend, AT&T is effectively once again offering unlimited data (for a limited time) to new customers, which makes one wonder — what happened to all that congestion? [More]

T-Mobile Emphasizes: They’re Probably Not Going To Throttle You

T-Mobile Emphasizes: They’re Probably Not Going To Throttle You

Imagine being part of a rarified group: your carrier’s top 20 gobblers of unlimited data. At T-Mobile, unlimited data is still a thing, and a recently leaked memo has customers panicking that using too much data will get them throttled. It won’t. [More]

Verizon’s “All Kids Do It” Excuse For Throttling Isn’t Good Enough For FCC Chair

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First, Verizon announced it would start throttling LTE users who devour the most data, but only those with grandfathered-in unlimited plans. Then FCC Chair Tom Wheeler said he was “deeply troubled” that Verizon may be trying to force users into more expensive plans under the guise of “network optimization.” Verizon tried to get Wheeler to back off with its “everyone’s doing it” defense, but that didn’t seem to work. [More]

All Four National Wireless Companies Accused Of Breaking FCC Rules By Hiding Information About Data Throttling

All Four National Wireless Companies Accused Of Breaking FCC Rules By Hiding Information About Data Throttling

Just over two weeks ago, the FCC not-so-gently reminded all four big wireless carriers that although true “net neutrality” might not apply to them, there are still rules about transparency and disclosures that they have to follow. At the time, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said that companies had no excuse to think the FCC wasn’t watching them — and the FCC isn’t the only group putting wireless companies on notice over their lack of transparency. [More]

Verizon’s Defense For LTE Throttling: We’re Not Going After Unlimited Users; They’re Just Data Hogs

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Verizon Wireless recently announced that it will soon expand its data-throttling “Network Optimization” program to include users of its high-speed LTE network. FCC Chair Tom Wheeler then wrote the company, saying he was “deeply troubled” that Verizon might be trying to pass off a cash-grab as legitimate network management. Verizon has responded to Wheeler, defending the program and asking why the FCC is picking on them. [More]


Verizon’s Plan To Throttle Heavy LTE Users Is “Deeply Troubling” To FCC’s Wheeler

Last week, Verizon announced that it was extending its “Network Optimization” policy, which throttles speeds for the top 5% of data users, to include LTE data for the first time. This move didn’t sit well with the few remaining Verizon customers with “unlimited” data plans, nor did it thrill FCC Chair Tom Wheeler (who is apparently in a letter-writing mood this week). [More]


Verizon To Start Throttling Speeds For LTE Data Hogs

Back in 2011, Verizon started throttling 3G data speeds for the 5% of its smartphone customers who used the most data every month, even if those customers had so-called “unlimited” data plans. The company then killed off unlimited data in 2012, but existing plans were conditionally grandfathered in. In what appears to be an attempt to weed out the few remaining unlimited plans, Big V will soon start throttling 4G LTE data speeds for that top 5% of users. [More]

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Straight Talk Users Sue Walmart And TracFone Over Throttling Of Unlimited Data Plans

Once again, a lawsuit calls into question the definition of “unlimited” when it refers to smartphone data plans. This time, the plaintiff claims that Straight Talk Wireless (a partnership between TracFone and Walmart) is effectively putting monthly data caps in place by throttling data speeds for users once they use a certain amount of data. Furthermore, alleges the complaint, users aren’t being told about the throttling until it’s too late. [More]


Straight Talk Cuts Off My Data, Will Only Explain Why In Confusing Doublespeak

Mike’s phone spent two weeks in the repair depot at Samsung. When it came back, shortly afterward his data stopped working. Oh, no! Would it have to go back for more repairs already? Well… no, that wasn’t the problem. The problem is that his mobile carrier, Straight Talk, has throttled his data access down to nothing. [More]

AT&T Writes Check To Victor In Small Claims Court Suit

AT&T Writes Check To Victor In Small Claims Court Suit

Even though AT&T had seemed quite intent on either appealing or coming to a different settlement with the California man who won a small claims court lawsuit against the company for throttling his so-called unlimited data plan, it now looks like the Death Star forces have retreated from this battle. [More]

Nearly Half Of AT&T Unlimited Customers Could Save By Switching To 300MB Plan

Nearly Half Of AT&T Unlimited Customers Could Save By Switching To 300MB Plan

While many, many AT&T wireless customers with so-called unlimited plans are justifiably furious at the company for throttling data speeds after a subscriber uses 3GB in one month, the results of a new survey show that nearly half of people with unlimited plans aren’t even using 300MB each month. [More]

AT&T Offers To Discuss Settlement With Man Who Won Throttling Lawsuit

AT&T Offers To Discuss Settlement With Man Who Won Throttling Lawsuit

UPDATE: While both the AP and CNET reported that the letter from AT&T’s lawyer “threatened to shut off his service if he didn’t sit down and talk with them,” AT&T has reached out to Consumerist to clarify that the letter only threatens to terminate the customer’s service only if he signed the nondisclosure agreement and then violated the terms of that agreement. We have subsequently confirmed this with a source who has seen a copy of the letter.
______________ [More]

AT&T Sets Definite 3GB/5GB Throttling Thresholds For Smartphone Users With Unlimited Plans

AT&T Sets Definite 3GB/5GB Throttling Thresholds For Smartphone Users With Unlimited Plans

Following the public backlash against AT&T for its decision to throttle data speeds for some customers with “unlimited” data plans, the company has now decided to set actual hard, well… limits, on how much data a subscriber can use in a month before being throttled. [More]

AT&T Customers Petition CEO To Stop Throttling Unlimited Data Plans

The battle over the word “unlimited” has begun, as AT&T customers are fighting back against the Death Star’s throttling of so-called “data hogs,” even though available info shows that most of these people are using completely reasonable amounts of data for owners of unlimited plans. [More]

Tips For Anyone Thinking Of Taking AT&T To Small Claims Court

Last week, a man in California made headlines after his small claims court victory over AT&T for the wireless provider’s throttling of his unlimited data plan. Since then, a number of AT&T customers have wondered if they also have grounds for a complaint. [More]

Man Sues AT&T For Throttling His iPhone Service — And Wins!

This could be the start of something interesting. An AT&T customer in California was less than thrilled by the Death Star’s decision to throttle his iPhone service even though he was on an unlimited data plan. So he went down to small claims court and came out victorious. [More]

Verizon Starts Throttling Top Data Gobblers

Verizon Starts Throttling Top Data Gobblers

After announcing back in February that it would reserve the right to throttle top smartphone data users, Verizon has put the policy into effect. The top 5 percent of data users on unlimited 3G data plans who are in what Verizon calls “congested cell sites” will now face slowdowns that last longer than a month. [More]