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Report: Cleveland’s Cox Cable Customers Will Soon Be Subject To Data Caps

Cox cable customers are about to join many of the rest of us nationwide in a club that nobody particularly wants to be in: the not-so-illustrious crowd of those who have usage limits on their home broadband service, and have to cough up extra cash for any extra bits and bytes. [More]

(Mike Mozart)

Report: FCC May Look Into Comcast’s Don’t-Call-Them-Data-Caps If Implemented Nationwide

For more than two years, Comcast has been testing data caps — sorry, “data thresholds” — in various markets around the country. With the possibility of this usage-based pricing model being rolled out on a nationwide basis, a new report claims that the FCC could use its new authority to scrutinize the data limitations. [More]

Comcast Rep Lies, Tells Customer That Data Cap Is “Mandated By Law”

Comcast Rep Lies, Tells Customer That Data Cap Is “Mandated By Law”

For nearly three years, Comcast has been trying out data caps — sorry, “data thresholds” — in certain markets around the country where customers who reach a certain monthly usage amount are given the option of buying additional data at an outrageous price. Aside from pure greed on the behalf of Internet service providers, there is no need for most data caps, but one Comcast rep is telling customers that they are required by law. [More]

This chart from the GAO report shows that the top 15% of cable Internet users will be surpassing current data caps by 2018, and using several times that amount of data by 2020.

Govt. Report Criticizes Cable Companies For Cashing In On Data Caps

A growing number of cable companies are implementing data caps (sorry — “data thresholds”), which put limits on how much data a subscriber could use before facing penalties ranging from warning messages to throttled speeds to overage fees. A new report from the federal Government Accountability Office says that lack of competition in the broadband market could result in these caps being implemented with no one benefiting other than cable companies’ bottom lines. [More]

Comcast-TWC Merger Could Bring Broadband Data Caps To Pretty Much Everyone

Comcast-TWC Merger Could Bring Broadband Data Caps To Pretty Much Everyone

Mobile data caps might be almost universal, but home broadband data caps are much less so. Some providers have them, but many don’t. At the moment, Time Warner Cable is in that “doesn’t” category — but Comcast keeps trying to expand theirs. If the FCC grants the corporate union of the two its blessing, a whopping 78% of Americans could find themselves living under the new normal of limited home broadband. [More]