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What Is This Scary Heartbleed Bug, And Why Is Everyone Freaking Out About It?

One second everything on the Internet appears normal, and the next thing you know, everyone is talking about some security bug called “Heartbleed” that’s out to get us all. So what is it, and is it as scary of a problem as it seems to be? [More]

‘Password’ No Longer The King Of Bad-Idea Passwords

‘Password’ No Longer The King Of Bad-Idea Passwords

No matter how frequently consumers are warned about creating predictable passwords, many just aren’t getting the message. The good news from the latest survey of leaked passwords is that the most frequently used password is no longer “password.” The bad news is that the new bad-password champ is equally idiotic. [More]

Want to learn more about the Obama administration’s new cybersecurity plans? @JeffreyFox of Consumer Reports is live-tweeting the press conference now. [Twitter]